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6 daysbitbake.conf/recipes: Introduce add DEV_PKG_DEPENDENCY to change RDEPENDS:${P...Richard Purdie
12 daysmesa: update 22.0.3 -> 22.1.2Alexander Kanavin
2022-06-17mesa: backport a patch to support compositors without zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1 againMartin Jansa package 00-radv-defaults.confMarkus Volk
2022-05-20mesa: upgrade 22.0.2 -> 22.0.3Alexander Kanavin
2022-05-05mesa: upgrade 22.0.0 -> 22.0.2Alexander Kanavin
2022-04-19llvm: use default install pathsAlexander Kanavin
2022-03-18mesa: Allow building Mesa's OpenCL through PACKAGECONFIGZoltán Böszörményi
2022-03-17mesa: align target- and native buildMarkus Volk
2022-03-15mesa: update to 22.0.0Markus Volk
2022-03-13Revert "mesa: make sure GLES3 headers are installed"Richard Purdie
2022-03-09mesa: make sure GLES3 headers are installedSamuli Piippo
2022-03-02mesa: upgrade 21.3.6 -> 21.3.7wangmy
2022-02-16mesa: upgrade 21.3.5 -> 21.3.6wangmy
2022-02-05mesa: upgrade 21.3.4 -> 21.3.5Alexander Kanavin
2022-01-18mesa: upgrade 21.3.3 -> 21.3.4wangmy
2022-01-05mesa: 21.3.1 -> 21.3.3Otavio Salvador
2021-12-14mesa: make ligles3-dev RDEPENDS on libgles2-devQuentin Schulz
2021-12-14mesa: PROVIDES virtual/libgles3Quentin Schulz
2021-12-09mesa: upgrade 21.3.0 -> 21.3.1Alexander Kanavin
2021-12-08mesa: Define broadcom packageconfig knobKhem Raj
2021-12-08mesa: Fix broadcom vulkan driver build on 32bit arches with 64bit time_tKhem Raj
2021-12-08mesa: Fix build on ARM systems without NeonKhem Raj
2021-11-23mesa: upgrade 21.2.5 -> 21.3.0wangmy
2021-11-07mesa: Add PACKAGECONFIG option for broadcom v3d Vulkan driverJoel Winarske
2021-11-03mesa: upgrade 21.2.4 -> 21.2.5Alexander Kanavin
2021-10-23mesa: upgrade 21.2.1 -> 21.2.4Pablo Saavedra Rodi?o
2021-10-16mesa: Enable svga for x86 onlyKhem Raj
2021-10-02mesa: Ensure megadrivers runtime mappings are deterministicRichard Purdie
2021-09-02mesa: enable crocus driver for older intel graphicsAlexander Kanavin
2021-09-02mesa: fix build on Arm V5 with soft floatRoss Burton
2021-08-23mesa: upgrade 21.1.5 -> 21.2.1Alexander Kanavin
2021-08-18mesa: upgrade 21.1.5 -> 21.1.7Andreas Müller
2021-08-02meta: Manual override fixesRichard Purdie
2021-08-02Convert to new override syntaxRichard Purdie
2021-07-28mesa: Fix v3d & vc4 dmabuf importJoshua Watt
2021-07-19mesa: upgrade 21.1.4 -> 21.1.5Andreas Müller
2021-07-07mesa: upgrade 21.1.3 -> 21.1.4Andreas Müller
2021-06-22mesa: upgrade 21.1.2 -> 21.1.3Andreas Müller
2021-06-21mesa: enable gallium intel drivers when building for x86Alexander Kanavin
2021-06-06mesa: upgrade 21.1.1 -> 21.1.2Andreas Müller
2021-05-25mesa: update 21.0.3 -> 21.1.1Alexander Kanavin
2021-05-12mesa: add lmsensors PACKAGECONFIGAlexander Kanavin
2021-05-01mesa: upgrade 21.0.2 -> 21.0.3wangmy
2021-04-18mesa: upgrade 21.0.1 -> 21.0.2wangmy
2021-04-05mesa: enable dri in native/nativesdk through gallium driversAlexander Kanavin
2021-04-05mesa: gallium option requires libdrmAlexander Kanavin
2021-04-05mesa: update 21.0.0 -> 21.0.1Alexander Kanavin
2021-04-05mesa-gl: Use swrast gallium driverKhem Raj
2021-03-20mesa: update 20.3.4 -> 21.0.0Alexander Kanavin