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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-18shadow: drop inappropriate patchYi Zhao
2019-03-18mdadm: fix gcc8 maybe-uninitialized/format-overflow warningChangqing Li
2019-03-07core-image-kernel-dev: add systemtap and dependenciesBruce Ashfield
2019-03-06packagegroup-core-base-utils: Introduce new base-utils packagegroupTom Rini
2019-03-06libpam: libpamc is licensed under its own BSD-style licenceDouglas Royds
2019-03-06libarchive: integrate security fixesRoss Burton
2019-02-28default-distrovars: Drop DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBCKhem Raj
2019-02-27cpio: avoid conflict with tar-doc and rmt.8Mark Asselstine
2019-02-26ltp: Add patch for string formatting security warningDaniel Díaz
2019-02-25ltp: Work around stringformat security flags issuesRichard Purdie
2019-02-25ltp: Bump to 20190115Daniel Díaz
2019-02-25less: upgrade 530 -> 549Richard Purdie
2019-02-25mdadm: add init and service scriptsZheng Ruoqin
2019-02-25lighttpd: Use the upstream lighttpd.serviceAdrian Bunk
2019-02-20diffutils: upgrade to 3.7Chen Qi
2019-02-20sysstat: upgrade to 12.1.3Chen Qi
2019-02-20tar: upgrade to 1.31Chen Qi
2019-02-20lighttpd: upgrade 1.4.52 -> 1.4.53Alexander Kanavin
2019-02-20libpipeline: update to 1.5.1Alexander Kanavin
2019-02-20sudo: upgrade to 1.8.27Chen Qi
2019-02-20cups: upgrade to 2.2.10Chen Qi
2019-02-19mc: upgrade 4.8.21 -> 4.8.22Richard Purdie
2019-02-19grep: upgrade 3.1 -> 3.3Denys Dmytriyenko
2019-02-19gzip: upgrade 1.9 -> 1.10Denys Dmytriyenko
2019-02-19hdparm: upgrade 9.56 -> 9.58Denys Dmytriyenko
2019-02-19lzip: upgrade 1.20 -> 1.21Denys Dmytriyenko
2019-02-08libsolv: fix segfault when using SOLVER_DISFAVORAlejandro del Castillo
2019-02-06libxml-sax-perl: extend nativesdkKyle Russell
2019-02-06libxml-sax-base-perl: extend nativesdkKyle Russell
2019-02-06libxml-namespacesupport-perl: extend nativesdkKyle Russell
2019-02-05timezone: refactor to simplify maintArmin Kuster
2019-02-05libsolv: Drop now uneeded musl patchRandy MacLeod
2019-02-02libsolv: upgrade 0.7.2 -> 0.7.3Alejandro del Castillo
2019-01-18ed: upgrade 1.14.2 -> 1.15Alexander Kanavin
2019-01-16meta: Fix Deprecated warnings from regexsRichard Purdie
2019-01-11mdadm: fix gcc-8 format-truncation warningHongxu Jia
2019-01-11logrotate: upgrade 3.14.0 -> 3.15.0Yi Zhao
2019-01-11wget: upgrade 1.19.5 -> 1.20.1Yi Zhao
2019-01-11ltp: update HOMEPAGEYi Zhao
2019-01-11selftest/distrodata: un-break the upstream version check testAlexander Kanavin
2019-01-11libsolv: upgrade 0.7.1 -> 0.7.2Anuj Mittal
2019-01-03man-pages: use alternatives to resolve crypt.3 conflictmark asselstine
2019-01-03tzdata/tzcode-native: update to 2018iArmin Kuster
2019-01-03lighttpd: upgrade 1.4.51 -> 1.4.52Alexander Kanavin
2019-01-03cups: default to unix pam moduleDiego Rondini
2018-12-15ltp: Fix build with glibc 2.29Khem Raj
2018-12-13lzip: clean up recipeRoss Burton
2018-12-09mdadm: Drop redundant patches and fix build with clangKhem Raj
2018-12-05at: upgrade to 3.1.23Chen Qi
2018-12-05sysstat: upgrade to 12.1.1Chen Qi