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2012-08-14rpmresolve: Ensure we call the rpm relocation code at init1.3_M3.rc21.3_M3.final1.3_M3Richard Purdie
2012-08-13rpmresolve: add wrapper script to fix pathsPaul Eggleton disable curl for qemu-nativesdkRobert Yang
2012-08-07automake: Fix version reference in path substitutionsRichard Purdie
2012-08-07binutils: Enable threaded linking with goldKhem Raj
2012-08-07gcc: Disable use of sdt.h headerRichard Purdie
2012-08-07python: Fix RPATH QA issue on non-gplv3 buildsRichard Purdie
2012-08-07gdb-cross: Explicitly disable pythonRichard Purdie
2012-08-06subversion: Add missing build dependency on sqlite3Bogdan Marinescu
2012-08-06bison: updated to 2.5.1Bogdan Marinescu
2012-08-06rsync: use ${sysconfdir} instead of /etc for packagingJavier Martinez Canillas
2012-08-06ubootchart: use variables instead of hardcoded pathsJavier Martinez Canillas
2012-08-06python: Fix to support the python module _bsddb built with db 5.3Jackie Huang
2012-08-06tcl: Add ${bindir_crossscripts}/ to sysroot stageJackie Huang
2012-08-06gcc-cross-initial: Ensure it uses an isolated sysrootRichard Purdie
2012-08-03gcc: Bump PR since there have been several gcc changes and various problems r...Richard Purdie
2012-08-03gcc-cross-initial: Fix typo causing limits.h not to be presentRichard Purdie
2012-08-02guile: updated to 2.0.6Bogdan Marinescu
2012-08-02python-setuptools: Fix setuptools install libdir != /usr/libMark Hatle
2012-08-02binutils: relocatable SDK: change PT_INTERP section sizeLaurentiu Palcu
2012-08-02python-dbus: updated to 1.1.1Bogdan Marinescu
2012-08-01gcc-configure-target: Set native-system-header-dir for target gccRichard Purdie
2012-07-29guile:meta/Makefile change install-data-hook to install-exec-hookSong.Li
2012-07-29bison: move remove-gets.patch to BASE_SRC_URI, it's needed for bison-native t...Martin Jansa update pseudo to 1.4Peter Seebach
2012-07-29buildhistory: improve performance of image info collectionPaul Eggleton
2012-07-29classes/rootfs_rpm: improve speed of RPM rootfs constructionPaul Eggleton
2012-07-28bzip2-native: handling native path issueYao Zhao
2012-07-28insserv: define do_install_virtclass-native()Roy.Li
2012-07-28Update intltool to version 0.50.0Florin Sarbu
2012-07-28cmake: Upgrade recipes to 2.8.8Khem Raj
2012-07-28qemu: Fix illegal instruction errors on e500 emulationKhem Raj
2012-07-28pkgconfig: Fix packaging issueSaul Wold
2012-07-26guile: Add continuation marker to create_wrapperSaul Wold
2012-07-26mtools: add glibc-gconv-* to RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDSXin Ouyang
2012-07-26liburi-perl: update to 1.60Kang Kai
2012-07-26Add missing Upstream-Status to various patches.Mark Hatle
2012-07-26gcc-cross-initial: Stage self sufficient fixed limits.hKhem Raj
2012-07-26remake: Add remake-native and remakeWenzong Fan
2012-07-24libgcc: Add missing dependency on libc:do_packageRichard Purdie
2012-07-22Pyphon-native: Fix typoRichard Purdie
2012-07-22python-native: Use append instead of += so the lsb override for EXTRA_OECONF ...Richard Purdie
2012-07-22autoconf: updated to 2.69Bogdan Marinescu
2012-07-22mklibs-native: Update for python-native changesMorgan Little
2012-07-22python-pyrex-native: Update for python-native changesMorgan Little
2012-07-22python-scons-native: Update for python-native changesMorgan Little
2012-07-22python: Update for python-native changesMorgan Little
2012-07-22python-native: Put binaries in seperate directoryMorgan Little
2012-07-20puzzles, mkelfimage: Use svn protocol instead of httpKhem Raj
2012-07-20binutils: Add missing target package dependenciesKhem Raj