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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-03ruby: fix CVE-2020-25613gatesgarth-nextChee Yang Lee
2020-02-15ruby: upgrade 2.6.5 -> 2.7.0Wang Mingyu
2020-01-27ruby: Remove __has_include and __has_include_next from preprocessed header fileKhem Raj
2019-10-23ruby: update to v2.6.4André Draszik
2019-10-02ruby: configure mis-detects isnan/isinf on muslAndré Draszik
2019-10-02ruby: drop long-merged CVE patchesAndré Draszik
2019-04-12ruby: add ptestChangqing Li
2019-02-12ruby: remove CVE-2018-1000073.patch as already fixedGrandbois, Brett
2018-07-26ruby: security fix CVE 2018-1000073Joe Slater
2018-03-11ruby: refresh patchesRoss Burton
2018-02-06ruby: 2.4.2 -> 2.5.0Huang Qiyu
2017-11-05ruby: upgrade to 2.4.2Leonardo Sandoval
2017-09-18ruby: CVE-2017-14064Ovidiu Panait
2017-08-19ruby: fix CVE-2017-922{6-9}Joe Slater
2017-08-18ruby: fix CVE-2017-9224Joe Slater
2017-06-27meta: Add/fix missing Upstream-Status to patchesRichard Purdie
2016-05-14ruby: obey LDFLAGS for the link of librubyChristopher Larson
2015-09-12ruby: add a recipe from meta-rubyAlexander Kanavin