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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-30qemu: update to Kuster
2019-10-08qemu: fix build issue on new hosts with glibc 2.30Armin Kuster
2019-10-08qemu: Fix CVE-2019-8934Dan Tran
2019-09-30qemu: fix CVE-2018-20815Armin Kuster
2019-09-30qemu: add a patch fixing the native build on newer kernelsBartosz Golaszewski
2019-06-18meta/lib+scripts: Convert to SPDX license headersRichard Purdie
2019-03-24qemu: fix CVE-2019-3812Ross Burton
2019-03-21qemu: Fix "backport patches to fix cves" patch issueKai Kang
2019-03-19qemu: backport patches to fix cvesKai Kang
2019-02-28qemu: remove glx/virgl/gtk options from darwin/mingw targetsAlexander Kanavin
2019-02-28qemu: split the native version into usermode and system partsAlexander Kanavin
2019-02-25qemu: add a backported patch to fix egl-headless supportAlexander Kanavin
2019-02-25qemu: add environment variable wrappers to make qemu look good with gtk frontendAlexander Kanavin
2019-02-25qemu: add a patch to avoid a missing definition errorAlexander Kanavin
2019-02-25qemu: add a gettext-native dependency to gtk optionAlexander Kanavin
2019-02-06qemu: remove --with-gtkabi=3.0 configure flagChris Patterson
2019-01-26qemuwrapper-cross: check qemu usermode only when building a target packageAlexander Kanavin
2018-12-15qemuwrapper: Explicitly exit in case of no qemu supported for targetSerhey Popovych
2018-12-15qemu: Bump to version 3.1Alistair Francis
2018-12-15qemu-targets: Fix the list of QEMU targetsAlistair Francis
2018-11-07qemu: fix for CVE-2018-10839Changqing Li
2018-10-16qemu: fix CVE-2018-17958/17962/17963Changqing Li Mark 'lm32' as softmmu only architectureNathan Rossi
2018-09-11qemu: patch for CVE-2018-15746Changqing Li
2018-09-10qemu: fix upstream version checkAlexander Kanavin
2018-08-16qemu: Upgrade QEMU 2.12 -> 3.0Alistair Francis
2018-07-04qemu: Add RISC-V supportAlistair Francis
2018-06-27qemu: CVE-2018-11806 slirp heap buffer overflowJeremy Puhlman rework postinst_intercept failuresAlexander Kanavin
2018-06-18qemuwrapper-cross: enable multilib and nativesdk variants of the scriptAlexander Kanavin
2018-06-15qemu: don't inherit autotoolsRoss Burton
2018-06-07qemu: use sdl2 instead of sdl1Martin Jansa
2018-06-07qemu: add PACKAGECONFIG for virglrenderer, usb-redir and spiceMartin Jansa
2018-06-07qemu: upgrade to 2.12.0Martin Jansa
2018-06-04qemu: refresh patches with devtool and make them applicable with gitMartin Jansa
2018-05-04qemu: fix CVE-2017-16845Hongxu Jia support mingw buildJuro Bystricky
2018-04-03qemu: do not hardcode python2.7 pathRuslan Ruslichenko
2018-03-30qemu: actually use the aarch64 patchRoss Burton
2018-03-28qemu: fix qemuarm64 intermediate kernel hang in raid6_select_algo funcVictor Kamensky
2018-03-11qemu: drop already applied glibc-2.25.patchAlexander Kanavin
2018-03-11qemu: refresh patchesRoss Burton
2018-02-24recipes-devtools: Bump QEMU to 2.11.1Alistair Francis
2018-02-22nativesdk-qemu-helper: add a missing nativesdk-python3-logging dependencyAlexander Kanavin
2018-02-16qemu: fix CVE-2017-15124Ross Burton
2018-02-06qemu: fix memfd_create with glibc 2.27Ross Burton
2018-01-20python: fix RDEPENDS on several recipes, due to non-existent packagesAlejandro Hernandez
2018-01-18qemu: Bump to version 2.11.0Alistair Francis
2018-01-14qemu: CVE-2017-17381Catalin Enache support mingw buildJuro Bystricky