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2012-09-28eglibc/gcc: add patches to fix eglibc 2.15 buildMatthew McClintock Fix QA warningMatthew McClintock
2012-08-21libgomp: add libgomp (openmp) library, and build for powerpc targets by defaultMatthew McClintock
2012-08-21gcc: gcc-cross-canadian: use correct location for libraries for powerpc64Matthew McClintock use --with-long-double-128 on powerpc to comply wit...Matthew McClintock
2012-05-31gcc: Add plugins package for ARM, fix /usr/incude packagingSaul Wold
2012-05-31libgcc: Package additional *crt*.o files for PPCSaul Wold Stop gcc looking at build system pathsRichard Purdie
2012-04-13gcc-4.6: Add fix for relocation problem and ccacheRichard Purdie
2012-04-04gcc-cross-intermediate: fix do_install for x32Nitin A Kamble
2012-03-28gcc-cross-intermediate: Ensure we move the libraries from the correct locationRichard Purdie
2012-03-27gcc-cross-canadian: Clean non shipped empty directories.Lianhao Lu
2012-03-26gcc-cross-canadian: Fixed packaging warnings.Lianhao Lu
2012-03-23libgcc: corrected -nativesdk package namings.Lianhao Lu
2012-03-14Revert "gcc-cross: aviod creating invalid symlinks"Richard Purdie
2012-03-14gcc-cross: aviod creating invalid symlinksRobert Yang
2012-03-08gcc: Upgrade to 4.6.3 releaseKhem Raj
2012-03-05meta: Replace, d) -> d.expand(xxx)Richard Purdie
2012-03-05meta: Convert getVar/getVarFlag(xxx, 1) -> (xxx, True)Richard Purdie Fix cross testing scripts to work with dashKhem Raj
2012-02-26Quoting fixesRichard Purdie
2012-02-21gcc: Excluding the DATE/SRCDATE from do_patch dependency.Lianhao Lu
2012-02-10gcc: Ensure same sstate hashes for shared soruce directoryLianhao Lu
2012-02-10gcc-4.6: Some small performance tweaksRichard Purdie
2012-02-08gcc-cross-testing: Fix evaluation of user and target nameKhem Raj
2012-02-01gcc-runtime: fix override from poky-lsb to linuxstdbaseSaul Wold
2012-01-26libgcc: Add INSANE_SKIP of staticdev for libgcc-dev and libgcov-devSaul Wold
2012-01-25gcc-cross: Don't reference machine specific variablesRichard Purdie Fix commentRichard Purdie Ensure WORKDIR doesn't adversly affect sstate checksumsRichard Purdie
2012-01-24gcc: move shared .a to their own packageSaul Wold
2012-01-24libgcc: Seperate out libgcov.a from libgcc-devSaul Wold Drop duplicated SRC_URI componentRichard Purdie Mark do_package* tasks as noexecRichard Purdie
2012-01-23gcc: Ensure that the shared source directory shared the same sstate hashesRichard Purdie
2012-01-03gcc: mark upstream status for all patchesNitin A Kamble
2011-12-19gcc-4.6: Let G++ relocate gxx-include-dir when using --sysroot optionKhem Raj
2011-12-19gcc-cross: Add cross testing driver for running regression testsuitesKhem Raj
2011-12-16libgcc: reintroduce debug package, containing symbolsDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2011-12-15cross-recipes: Disable nls in gettext bbclassKhem Raj
2011-12-06gcc: Backport patch from trunk to fix ICE seen on armv7 with mesa-xlibKhem Raj
2011-11-30Fix multiarch DISTRO_FEATUREJulian Pidancet
2011-11-29Introduce multiarch DISTRO_FEATUREJulian Pidancet add the symbol link /lib/cppDexuan Cui
2011-11-21gcc-4.6: Fix gcc ICE on qt4-x11-free/armv7-aKhem Raj
2011-11-16gcc-4.6: fix toolchain build for SH4Michael Brown
2011-11-10Convert to use direct access to the data store (instead of*Var*())Richard Purdie
2011-10-24gcc-4.6: Backport fix for PR32219Khem Raj
2011-10-24gcc-configure-sdk: Point sysroot to correct locationKhem Raj
2011-10-20gcc-4.6: Backport PR46934 fixKhem Raj