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2020-07-22glibc: whitelist CVE-2010-10029akuster
2020-07-22systemd : fix CVE-2020-13776Lee Chee Yang
2020-07-22busybox: Security Fix For CVE-2018-1000500Rahul Chauhan
2020-07-16coreutils: don't split stdbuf to own package with single-binaryRasmus Villemoes
2020-07-16systemd: remove kernel-install from base pkgKonrad Weihmann
2020-07-07initscripts: update postinstChangqing Li
2020-07-02systemd-serialgetty: do not use BindsToChen Qi
2020-07-02ell: upgrade 0.31 -> 0.32Pierre-Jean Texier
2020-07-02dbus: fix CVE-2020-12049Lee Chee Yang
2020-06-26systemd: Sync systemd-serialgetty@.service with upstreamOtavio Salvador
2020-06-26buildtools-tarball: export OPENSSL_CONF in environment setupSteve Sakoman
2020-06-23glibc: Update to latest on 2.31 branchKhem Raj
2020-06-23libxcrypt2: Remove -fcommonAdrian Bunk
2020-06-18build-sysroots: add sysroot paths with native binaries to PATHAlexander Kanavin
2020-06-18sysfsutils: rem leftover settings for libsysfs-devKonrad Weihmann
2020-06-18util-linux: alternatify rtcwakeMarco Felsch
2020-06-18core-image-minimal-initramfs: keep restriction with initramfs-module-installhongxu
2020-06-08build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revisionyocto-3.1.1dunfell-23.0.1Richard Purdie
2020-06-08build-appliance: Update branch to point at dunfellRichard Purdie
2020-06-08build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revisionRichard Purdie
2020-05-14musl: Remove spurious unused patchKhem Raj
2020-05-14os-release: sanitize required fieldsVyacheslav Yurkov
2020-05-14util-linux: fix build error in killBenjamin Fair
2020-05-07buildtools-extended-tarball: add libgomp-devAlexander Kanavin
2020-05-07packagegroup-go-sdk-target: Add go to packagegroupKhem Raj
2020-05-07packagegroup-go-sdk-target: Enable on rv64Khem Raj
2020-05-07busybox: Correct the name of the bzip2 licensePeter Kjellerstedt
2020-05-05buildtools-tarball: add nativesdk-mtools for `wic ls'hongxu
2020-05-05ell: upgrade 0.30 -> 0.31Pierre-Jean Texier
2020-05-05libucontext: Bring in mips/mips64 supportKhem Raj
2020-05-05buildtools-extended-tarball: Add libstc++.aJeremy Puhlman
2020-04-07build-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionyocto-3.1dunfell-23.0.0Richard Purdie
2020-04-07build-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionRichard Purdie
2020-04-06build-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionRichard Purdie
2020-04-06systemd: Package systemd-hwdb-update.service into udevKhem Raj
2020-04-05busybox: sysctl: ignore EIO of stable_secret below /proc/sys/net/ipv6/confYi Zhao
2020-04-05glib-2.0: Backport GMainContext fixesDaniel Gomez
2020-04-05busybox: on upgrade save busybox if it is the last shellJeremy Puhlman
2020-04-05cve-update-db-native: fix DB file version for '-'Lee Chee Yang
2020-04-01cve-check: CPE version '-' as all versionLee Chee Yang
2020-03-31Revert "ifupdown: create file interfaces if not exist"Chen Qi
2020-03-31systemd: Add sch-fq-codel to RRECOMMENDSAlex Kiernan
2020-03-31systemd: Reinstate systemd-hwdb-update.serviceAlex Kiernan
2020-03-31systemd: Replace nonarch_base_libdir with rootlibexecdirAlex Kiernan
2020-03-31systemd: Package udev rules explicitlyAlex Kiernan
2020-03-31systemd: Use PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN, not =+Alex Kiernan
2020-03-30systemd: Enable acl based on DISTRO_FEATURESAlex Kiernan
2020-03-30systemd: Enable audit based on DISTRO_FEATURESAlex Kiernan
2020-03-30systemd: Enable smack based on DISTRO_FEATURESAlex Kiernan
2020-03-30systemd: Remove X11 related files when disabledAlex Kiernan