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2020-09-23buildtools-tarball: Add python3-jinja2dunfell-nextRichard Purdie
2020-09-17cve-update-db-native: use context manager for cve_fChris Laplante
2020-09-17cve-check/cve-update-db-native: use lockfile to fix usage under multiconfigChris Laplante
2020-09-17cve-update-db-native: add progress handlerChris Laplante
2020-08-07cve-update: handle baseMetricV2 as optionalKonrad Weihmann
2020-06-26buildtools-tarball: export OPENSSL_CONF in environment setupSteve Sakoman
2020-06-18build-sysroots: add sysroot paths with native binaries to PATHAlexander Kanavin
2020-05-07buildtools-extended-tarball: add libgomp-devAlexander Kanavin
2020-05-05buildtools-tarball: add nativesdk-mtools for `wic ls'hongxu
2020-05-05buildtools-extended-tarball: Add libstc++.aJeremy Puhlman
2020-04-05cve-update-db-native: fix DB file version for '-'Lee Chee Yang
2020-04-01cve-check: CPE version '-' as all versionLee Chee Yang
2020-03-29cve-update-db-native: clean DB if temporary file existLee Chee Yang
2020-03-29cve-update-db-native: prevent fatal error cause by networkLee Chee Yang
2020-03-11buildtools-extended-tarball: Add locale commandRichard Purdie
2020-03-06buildtools-extended-tarball: add nativesdk-libxcrypt-devJeremy Puhlman
2020-02-15image.bbclass, Delete do_populate_lic taskKhem Raj
2020-02-06patch: Extend to native/nativesdk and depend uponRichard Purdie
2020-01-22buildtools-tarball: Add an for nativesdk-binutilsRichard Purdie
2020-01-11meta-extsdk-toolchain: Mark as nostampRichard Purdie do multilib expanesion for RREPLACES as wellAlexander Kanavin
2020-01-01buildtools-extended-tarball: add recipe with build-essentialsTim Orling
2019-12-30nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy: add dependencies for autoconf and automakeTim Orling
2019-12-09cve-check: Switch to NVD CVE JSON feed version 1.1Niko Mauno do not include files into RREPLACESAlexander Kanavin
2019-11-28dummy-sdk-package: Add DUMMYPROVIDES_PACKAGESRichard Purdie
2019-11-21cve-update-db-native: clean up proxy handlingRoss Burton
2019-11-21cve-update-db-native: add an index on the CVE ID columnRoss Burton
2019-11-21cve-update-db-native: don't hardcode the database nameRoss Burton
2019-11-14cve-update-db-native: don't refresh more than once an hourRoss Burton
2019-11-14buildtools-tarball: export OPENSSL_CONF for opensslLiwei Song
2019-09-27Revert "meta-extsdk: Either an sstate task is a proper task or it isn't"Richard Purdie
2019-09-19meta-extsdk: Either an sstate task is a proper task or it isn'tRichard Purdie
2019-08-21target-sdk-provides-dummy: extend packages for multilib caseChen Qi
2019-07-26cve-update-db-native: fix https proxy issuesChin Huat Ang
2019-07-22cve-update-db-native: clean up JSON fetchingRoss Burton
2019-07-22cve-update-db-native: improve metadata parsingRoss Burton
2019-07-22cve-update-db-native: use executemany() to optimise CPE insertionRoss Burton
2019-07-19cve-update-db: actually inherit nativeRoss Burton
2019-07-19cve-update-db-native: use os.path.join instead of +Ross Burton
2019-07-19cve-update-db-native: Remove hash column from database.Pierre Le Magourou
2019-07-18cve-update-db-native: use SQL placeholders instead of format stringsRoss Burton
2019-07-10cve-update-db-native: Skip recipe when cve-check class is not loaded.Pierre Le Magourou
2019-07-09cve-update-db: Use NVD CPE data to populate PRODUCTS tablePierre Le Magourou
2019-07-09cve-check: Depends on cve-update-db-nativePierre Le Magourou
2019-07-05cve-update-db: Catch request.urlopen errors.Pierre Le Magourou
2019-06-28cve-update-db: do_populate_cve_db depends on do_fetchPierre Le Magourou
2019-06-27target-sdk-provides-dummy: add 64bitChen Qi
2019-06-27cve-update-db: Manage proxy if needed.Pierre Le Magourou
2019-06-27cve-update-db: Use std library instead of urllib3Pierre Le Magourou