path: root/meta/recipes-connectivity/ofono
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-20meta/meta-selftest/meta-skeleton: Update LICENSE variable to use SPDX license...Richard Purdie
2022-01-12ofono: update to 1.34Oleksandr Kravchuk
2021-10-23ofono: upgrade 1.32 -> 1.33Alexander Kanavin
2021-09-07systemd: '${systemd_unitdir}/system' => '${systemd_system_unitdir}'Robert P. J. Day
2021-08-02Convert to new override syntaxRichard Purdie
2021-05-18ofono: upgrade 1.31 -> 1.32Richard Purdie
2021-04-23ofono: prevent using bundled ell headers and fix build with ell-0.39Martin Jansa
2019-11-04ofono: update to 1.31Oleksandr Kravchuk
2019-10-31ofono: tidy up the recipeNicola Lunghi
2019-08-21ofono: update to 1.30Oleksandr Kravchuk
2019-08-08ofono: correct the python3 runtime dependencyAlexander Kanavin
2019-07-15meta: Remove remnants of bluez4 supportAdrian Bunk
2019-05-27ofono: Add TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY optional definitionKhem Raj
2019-05-22ofono: Fix another race condition during the buildAdrian Bunk
2019-05-22ofono: Use external ell instead of an internal copyAdrian Bunk
2019-05-17ofono: upgrade 1.25 -> 1.29Adrian Bunk
2018-11-19ofono: upgrade 1.24 -> 1.25Ross Burton
2018-06-27ofono: upgrade 1.23 -> 1.24Maxin B. John
2018-05-04ofono: upgrade to version 1.23Maxin B. John
2018-01-30ofono: use patch sent upstream instead of sedRoss Burton
2018-01-30ofono: only depend on pygobject if its going to workRoss Burton
2018-01-26ofono: upgrade to version 1.22Maxin B. John
2017-11-21ofono: upgrade to 1.21Maxin B. John
2017-06-22meta: Drop remnants of uclibc supportRichard Purdie
2017-05-18ofono: drop unmaintained _git recipeMaxin B. John
2017-05-18ofono: upgrade to 1.20Maxin B. John
2017-03-01recipes: Make use of the new bb.utils.filter() functionPeter Kjellerstedt
2016-11-30ofono: update 1.18 -> 1.19André Draszik
2016-09-24ofono: remove duplicated udev setting from FILES_${PN}Robert Yang
2016-09-05ofono: RRECOMMENDS tun.ko & APN databaseAndré Draszik
2016-06-04ofono: update to 1.18Maxin B. John
2016-06-03ofono: drop the custom-made revert to Python 2 from Python 3Alexander Kanavin
2015-12-01ofono: upgrade to version 1.17Maxin B. John
2015-04-08ofono: Disable backtrace for non-glibc librariesKhem Raj
2015-02-17ofono: select distro preference for bluez providerPeter A. Bigot
2015-02-15ofono: upgrade to 1.16Cristian Iorga
2014-12-19ofono: use PACKAGECONFIG for systemd and bluetoothRoss Burton
2014-08-28ofono: upgrade to 1.15Cristian Iorga
2014-04-25Globally replace 'base_contains' calls with 'bb.utils.contains'Otavio Salvador
2014-04-24PR bumps to remove PRINC use in meta-openpliMike Looijmans
2014-01-06ofono: upgrade to 1.14Cristian Iorga
2013-11-18ofono: upgrade to 1.13Cristian Iorga
2013-08-30remove the unnecessary protocol parametersJackie Huang
2013-08-03ofono: Enable test scripts by defaultJukka Rissanen
2013-08-03ofono: Move bluetooth enabling to .inc fileJukka Rissanen
2013-08-03ofono: Add systemd supportJukka Rissanen
2013-06-13ofono: Add run time dependency for ofono test scriptsMuhammad Shakeel
2013-01-16ofono: replace obsolete automake macros with working onesMarko Lindqvist
2013-01-10ofono: Fix build with eglibc 2.17Khem Raj
2012-12-26ofono: upgrade to 1.12Cristian Iorga