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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-09oeqa: Drop OETestIDRichard Purdie
2019-05-01oeqa/ssh: Avoid unicode decode exceptionsRichard Purdie
2019-04-26oeqa/core/runner: dump stdout and stderr of each test caseMardegan, Alberto
2019-01-26testimage.bbclass: add support for passing runqemu paramsAlexander Kanavin
2018-12-26oeqa/concurrencytest: fix for locating meta-selftestRobert Yang
2018-11-23oeqa/qemu: Add support for slirpYeoh Ee Peng
2018-11-23oeqa/qemu & runtime: qemu do not need ip input from externalYeoh Ee Peng
2018-11-16oeqa/concurrencytest: Avoid unclosed file warningsRichard Purdie
2018-11-14oeqa/core/runner: Correctly markup regexsRichard Purdie
2018-11-14oeqa/loader: Fix deprecation warningRichard Purdie
2018-11-14oeqa/runner: Sort the test result output by result classRichard Purdie
2018-11-14oeqa/runner: Always show a summary of success/fail/error/skip countsRichard Purdie
2018-11-07oeqa/runtime/ptest: Inject results+logs into stored json results fileRichard Purdie
2018-10-29oeqa/core/runner: Don't add empty log entriesRichard Purdie
2018-10-29oeqa/core/runner: write testresult to json filesYeoh Ee Peng
2018-10-18oeqa/core/runner: refactor for OEQA to write json testresultYeoh Ee Peng
2018-08-23oeqa/core/decorator: add skipIfInDataVarRichard Leitner
2018-08-23oeqa/runner: Print any errors/failures earlyRichard Purdie
2018-08-23oeqa/runner: Use the proper logger functions instead of print()Richard Purdie
2018-08-23oeqa/context: Only set buffer mode for non-concurrent testsRichard Purdie
2018-08-23oeqa/concurrencytest: Ensure subunit streams are flushed at exitRichard Purdie
2018-07-26oeqa/loader: Ensure invalid test names don't trigger a tracebackRichard Purdie
2018-07-18oeqa/decorator: Improve reliabilityRichard Purdie
2018-07-18oeqa: Remove xmlrunnerRichard Purdie
2018-07-18oeqa/runner: Simplify codeRichard Purdie
2018-07-18oeqa/core/threaded: Remove in favour of using concurrenttestsRichard Purdie
2018-07-18oeqa: Add selftest parallelisation supportRichard Purdie
2018-07-16oeqa: Default to buffer mode for testsRichard Purdie
2018-07-16oeqa/runner: Ensure we don't print misleading results outputRichard Purdie
2018-07-16oeqa/core/runner: Improve test case comparisionRichard Purdie
2018-06-04oeqa/core/target/ increase maximum read bytes from 1024 to 4096Chen Qi
2018-06-04oeqa/core/decorator/ fix skipIfNotInDataVarChen Qi
2018-06-04oeqa/core/decorator/ use 'cls' instead of 'obj'Chen Qi
2018-06-04oeqa/core/decorator/ set metaclass to ABCMetaChen Qi
2018-06-04oeqa/core/ support the 'auto' keywordChen Qi
2018-01-04core/ fix regex to include all available test casesLeonardo Sandoval
2018-01-02oeqa/qemu: remove elf image typeSaul Wold
2017-11-11oeqa/runner: Pass the value of buffer, don't force to TrueRichard Purdie
2017-11-09oeqa/target/ssh: Drop command/output logging to debug levelRichard Purdie
2017-11-09oeqa: Clean up logger handlingRichard Purdie
2017-11-09oeqa/runqemu: Only show stdout/stderr upon test failureRichard Purdie
2017-11-08oeqa/core/loader: Make _built_modules_dict() support packages correctlyPeter Kjellerstedt
2017-08-24core/target/ use reader to handle partial dataRobert Yang
2017-08-23core/target/ replace decode errorsRobert Yang
2017-08-13context: Include a command line argument to run all except certain testsLeonardo Sandoval
2017-07-30oeqa/core/runner: OEStreamLogger don't buffer test execution writesAníbal Limón
2017-07-30oeqa/{core,selftest}: Add support to validate if a specified test case isn't ...Aníbal Limón
2017-07-21oeqa/core/loader: Generate function _make_failed_test dynamicallyAníbal Limón
2017-06-23oeqa/core/ Fix _make_failed_test for python >= 3.4.4Aníbal Limón
2017-06-23oeqa/core/threaded: Don't assume that results exists on logDetailsAníbal Limón