path: root/meta/lib/oeqa/buildperf
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-16buildperf: measure the size of core-image-sato rootfsRoss Burton
2018-02-20oeqa/buildperf/base: Fix fetchall reference to use runall bitbake optionRichard Purdie
2017-07-25oeqa/buildperf: Add 'bitbake -m' on sync function to ensure bitbake is unloadedJose Perez Carranza
2017-03-27oeqa.buildperf: limit the length of error outputMarkus Lehtonen
2017-03-27oe-build-perf-test: sum rusage in buildstatsMarkus Lehtonen
2017-03-27oe-build-perf-test: pack all buildstat in one fileMarkus Lehtonen
2017-02-15oeqa/buildperf: don't archive stdout/stderr of commandsMarkus Lehtonen
2017-02-05oeqa.buildperf: reword test descriptionsMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oeqa.buildperf: store measurements as a dict (object) in the JSON reportMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oeqa.buildperf: change sorting in json reportMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oe-build-perf-test: remove unused imports and fix indentMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oe-build-perf-test: save test metadata in a separate fileMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oeqa.buildperf: report results in chronological orderMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oeqa.buildperf: extend xml report format with test descriptionMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oeqa.buildperf: extend xml format to contain measurement dataMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oe-build-perf-test: enable xml reportingMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oeqa.buildperf: include error details in json reportMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oeqa.buildperf: sync test status names with JUnitMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-23oeqa.buildperf: prevent a crash on unexpected successMarkus Lehtonen
2016-10-06oeqa.buildperf: measure apparent size instead of real disk usageMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-14oeqa.buildperf: another fix for splitting 'nevr' stringMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-08oeqa.buildperf: be sure to use the latest buildstatsMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-08oeqa.buildperf: try harder when splitting 'nevr' stringMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-06oeqa.buildperf: correct globalres time formatMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: include commands log file name in results.jsonMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: include buildstats file name in results.jsonMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: show skipped tests in results, tooMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: convert buildstats into json formatMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: measure io statMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: don't use Gnu timeMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: rename buildstats directoriesMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: separate output dir for each testMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: strip date from buildstats directory pathMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: enable json-formatted resultsMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: add 'product' to test result dataMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: treat failed measurements as errorsMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: make tests independentMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-03oeqa.buildperf: fix checking of invalid resultsMarkus Lehtonen
2016-08-25oe-build-perf-test: add {git_commit_count} keyword for --commit-results-tagMarkus Lehtonen
2016-08-25oeqa.buildperf: add git commit count to result dataMarkus Lehtonen
2016-08-25oe-build-perf-test: new {tag_num} keyword for --commit-results-tagMarkus Lehtonen
2016-08-25oe-build-perf-test: tag results committed to GitMarkus Lehtonen
2016-08-25oe-build-perf-test: implement --commit-results-branchMarkus Lehtonen
2016-08-25oe-build-perf-test: support committing results data to GitMarkus Lehtonen
2016-08-25oeqa.buildperf: use term commit instead of revisionMarkus Lehtonen
2016-08-25oeqa.utils.git: implement GitRepo.get_current_branch()Markus Lehtonen
2016-08-25oeqa.utils.git: introduce GitRepo.rev_parse()Markus Lehtonen
2016-08-20oeqa.buildperf: fix crash when creating globalres.logMarkus Lehtonen
2016-08-17oeqa.buildperf: use oe.path.remove()Markus Lehtonen
2016-08-17oeqa.buildperf: be more verbose about failed commandsMarkus Lehtonen