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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Check for dsp only to enable 'e' in package archesKhem Raj
2019-03-12machine: bump preferred version to 5.0Bruce Ashfield
2019-03-12qemuarm64: Fix graphics hang with 5.0 kernelRichard Purdie
2019-03-12qemuarm: Swap for an arm7ve (A15) configurationJon Mason
2019-03-11tune-cortexa*: Add missing BASE_LIB tune overridesSteven Hung (洪于玉)
2019-03-11tune-cortexa35: fixed typoSteven Hung (洪于玉)
2019-03-09go: Add recipes for 1.12 release and make it defaultKhem Raj
2019-03-06bitbake: add readlink to HOSTTOOLSRoss Burton
2019-03-06inetutils: Import version 1.9.4Tom Rini
2019-03-06vim: Import version 8.1.0347Tom Rini
2019-03-06Add source package to ${PACKAGES}Joshua Watt
2019-03-06linux-libc-headers: update to 5.x headersBruce Ashfield
2019-03-06qemuarm64: Add graphics supportJon Mason
2019-03-06qemuarm64: config cleanupsJon Mason
2019-03-02bitbake.conf: Drop -fno-omit-frame-pointerKhem Raj
2019-03-02bitbake.conf: Use -Og in DEBUG_OPTIMIZATIONKhem Raj
2019-02-28gcc: Update to 8.3 latest on 8.x releaseKhem Raj
2019-02-28default-distrovars: Drop DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBCKhem Raj
2019-02-28qemu: split the native version into usermode and system partsAlexander Kanavin Add missing BASE_LIB tune overridesMike Crowe
2019-02-25virglrenderer: add a recipeAlexander Kanavin
2019-02-15bitbake.conf: update DEBUG_PREFIX_MAP with -fmacro-prefix-mapKai Kang
2019-02-15default-distrovars: set CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URISRoss Burton
2019-02-14image_types.bbclass: Set memory usage limit and CPU threads for xzKhem Raj
2019-02-14bitbake: use GCC ar and ranlib wrappersRoss Burton
2019-02-12xvideo-tests: removeRoss Burton
2019-02-08arch-armv7*.inc: Add Cortex vfpv4-d16 supportPhil Edworthy replace Changhyeok Bae's @lge email address with a personal oneChanghyeok Bae
2019-02-07maintainers: update Bruce Ashfield's email addressBruce Ashfield
2019-02-06tune-cortexa72: add tunes for ARM Cortex-A72ayaka
2019-02-06tune-cortexa53: add tunes for ARM Cortex-A53ayaka
2019-02-06tune-cortexa35: add tunes for ARM Cortex-A35ayaka
2019-02-06tune-cortexa32: add tunes for ARM Cortex-A32ayaka
2019-02-06ThunderX: update the armv8a rulesayaka
2019-02-06qemuarm64: Use arch-armv8a tune instead of arch-armv8Khem Raj add tune include for armv8ayaka
2019-02-05binutils: Upgrade to binutils 2.32Khem Raj
2019-02-02glibc: Update to 2.29 releaseKhem Raj
2019-01-31default-providers: set mesa as default provider for nativesdk-mesaAlexander Kanavin
2019-01-31bitbake.conf: Add seq to HOSTTOOLSJacob Kroon
2019-01-28arm-tunes: Remove -march option if mcpu is already addedKhem Raj
2019-01-28Change default debug split to make separate source packagesJoshua Watt
2019-01-26bitbake.conf: Add DEBUG_BUILD to vardepsRobert Yang
2019-01-24bitbake.conf: Add CCACHE_TOP_DIR to BB_HASHBASE_WHITELISTRobert Yang Add tune options for vfpv4Khem Raj
2019-01-14bitbake.conf: Enable -fdebug-prefix-map for nativesdkRobert Yang
2019-01-14ccache.bbclass: Set CCACHE_CONFIGPATH to fix race issuesRobert Yang
2019-01-14ccache.bbclass: Refactor it to make it more reliableRobert Yang
2019-01-11bitbake.conf: add --enable-new-dtags to linkerAlexander Kanavin
2019-01-08linux-libc-headers: update to v4.19Bruce Ashfield