path: root/meta/classes/kernel-yocto.bbclass
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-12classes: Update classes to match new bitbake class scope functionalityRichard Purdie
2022-08-12classes: Add SPDX license identifiersRichard Purdie
2022-08-12classes: Add copyright statements to files without oneRichard Purdie
2022-06-04kernel-yocto.bbclass: Reset to exiting on non-zero return code at end of taskStefan Wiehler
2022-05-15kernel-yocto.bbclass: say what SRC_URI entry is being droppedRoss Burton
2022-04-30kernel-yocto: allow patch author date to be commit dateBruce Ashfield
2022-04-21kernel-yocto.bbclass: Fixup do_kernel_configcheck usage of KMETARuss Dill
2021-10-07kernel-yocto: don't apply config metadata patches twiceBruce Ashfield
2021-08-04kernel-yocto: Simplify no git repo case in do_kernel_checkoutPaul Barker
2021-08-02Convert to new override syntaxRichard Purdie
2021-06-17linux-yocto-dev: base AUTOREV on specified versionBruce Ashfield
2021-05-18kernel-yocto: provide debug / summary information for metadataBruce Ashfield
2021-04-24kernel-yocto.bbclass: chdir to ${WORKDIR} for do_kernel_checkoutKai Kang
2021-04-06kernel-yocto: fix do_kernel_configme indentationYann Dirson
2020-09-25kernel-yocto: add KBUILD_DEFCONFIG search location to failure messageBruce Ashfield
2020-09-03kernel-yocto: only replace leading -I in include pathsYanfei Xu
2020-08-28kernel-yocto: checksum all modifications to available kernel fragments direct...Bruce Ashfield
2020-08-28kernel-yocto: allow promotion of configuration warnings to errorsBruce Ashfield
2020-08-13kernel-yocto: split meta data gathering into patch and config phasesBruce Ashfield
2020-08-13kernel-yocto: set cwd before querying the meta data dirBruce Ashfield
2020-08-08kernel-yocto: enhance configuration queue analysis capabilitiesBruce Ashfield
2020-08-06kernel/yocto: allow dangling KERNEL_FEATURESBruce Ashfield
2020-07-20kernel-yocto: account for extracted defconfig in elements checkBruce Ashfield
2020-07-08kernel/yocto: fix search for defconfig from src_uriAndrey Zhizhikin
2020-06-30kernel/yocto: ensure that defconfigs are processed firstBruce Ashfield
2020-04-24kernel-yocto.bbclass: Fix deps when externalsrc is usedPaul Barker
2020-03-10kernel-yocto.bbclass: Support config fragments with externalsrcPaul Barker
2020-03-06kernel-yocto.bbclass: fix a wrong inter-task dependencyMing Liu
2020-02-08kern-tools: fix merge_config when LD contains parametersBruce Ashfield
2020-02-08kernel-yocto: fix defconfig detection in find_sccs()Gavin Li
2020-02-08kernel-yocto.bbclass: do_kernel_configme: don't use +errexit, merge_config_bu...Martin Jansa
2020-02-08kernel-yocto.bbclass: set KERNEL_LD also for merge_config.shMartin Jansa
2020-02-08kernel-yocto: Only override CONFIG_LOCALVERSION if LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION is...Paul Barker
2020-02-08kernel-yocto: Drop setting of unused variables in do_kernel_metadataPaul Barker
2020-02-08kernel-yocto: Move defaults and tasks from into bbclassPaul Barker
2020-02-04kernel-yocto.bbclass: export LD in the environment used by kconf_checkMartin Jansa
2019-12-30kernel-yocto: allow external (aka non-integrated) BSPs to supply patchesBruce Ashfield
2019-03-12linux-yocto: fix SRC_URI patching with unified reposBruce Ashfield
2019-03-06kernel-yocto: allow kernel-meta repositories to be patchedBruce Ashfield
2019-03-06devtool: Support kmeta directory usage with devtool modify/finishJaewon Lee
2018-09-27kernel-yocto.bbclass: fix "referenced before assignment" errorMax Kellermann
2018-08-28kernel-yocto: restore BSP audit visibilityBruce Ashfield
2018-08-28classes/kernel-yocto: Cleanup getstatusoutput usageJoshua Watt
2018-08-14kernel-yocto.bbclass: Adds oe-local-files path (devtool) to include directivesJaewon Lee
2018-06-12kernel: specify dependencies for compilation for config tasksBruce Ashfield
2018-03-04kernel-yocto: check git config during checkoutJustin Bronder
2018-01-27kernel-yocto: make SRC_URI defconfig removal more specificBruce Ashfield
2017-12-10kernel-yocto: ensure that only a single defconfig is processedBruce Ashfield
2017-12-10kernel-yocto: Stop the build if defconfig is missingSaul Wold
2017-12-10kernel-yocto: ensure sccs variable is set when using KBUILD_DEFCONFIGSaul Wold