path: root/meta-yocto/conf
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-28meta-yocto: Rename to meta-poky to better match its purposeRichard Purdie
2016-02-15Remove obsolete references to exmapRandy MacLeod
2016-02-15poky: Disable static libs by defaultRichard Purdie include libjpeg-turbo and mmc-utilsMaxin B. John
2016-02-11poky: update qemu* to prefer 4.4 kernelBruce Ashfield
2016-02-08maintainers: remove gtk-theme-torturer and gnome-mime-dataRoss Burton
2016-02-05local.conf.sample.extended: Document HOW-TO enable systemd or busbox for init...Khem Raj
2016-02-05local.conf.sample: Remove trailing whitespacesKhem Raj
2016-02-04poky-tiny: Use musl for default system C libraryKhem Raj Set me as Maintainer of QEMU.Aníbal Limón
2016-02-01poky: Add and add qwt-asRichard Purdie
2016-01-30conf/distro/poky.conf: use for connectivity checkRoss Burton
2016-01-29local.conf.sample.extended: Update the info about BBMASKPeter Kjellerstedt Correct maintainership for several packagesAlejandro Hernandez
2016-01-19poky.conf: Delete BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER settingsKhem Raj
2016-01-19maintainers: mark Khem as nominal owner for uclibcRoss Burton
2016-01-12conf/distro/poky-tiny: correctly disable python in opkg-utilsRoss Burton
2016-01-11local.conf.sample: add qemumips64Yi Zhao remove x11vncRoss Burton
2016-01-08meta-yocto: drop qt4 referencesAlexander Kanavin
2016-01-07poky-lsb/poky-tiny: update preferred kernel to 4.1Bruce Ashfield
2016-01-07conf/local.conf.sample: comment out ASSUME_PROVIDED=libsdl-nativeRoss Burton
2015-12-14meta-yocto/conf/toasterconf.json: remove SDKMACHINE variable as it no longer ...brian avery
2015-12-10poky.conf: Bump for 2.1 development2.1_M1Beth Flanagan
2015-11-24distro/ include stress package detailsMaxin B. John
2015-11-16maintainers: mass reassign and cleanupRoss Burton
2015-11-16Revert "local.conf.sample: Disable image-prelink by default"Mark Hatle
2015-11-03meta-yocto/distro: Updated SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS.Lucian Musat
2015-11-03meta-yocto/distro: Updated SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS.Lucian Musat
2015-10-29local.conf.sample: Disable image-prelink by defaultMark Hatle
2015-10-11toasterconf: update meta-yocto to jethro and drop dizzybrian avery
2015-10-07lib/oe/ Add image generation for companion debug filesystemMark Hatle
2015-10-01toaster: Special case the openembedded-core layer to avoid duplicatesMichael Wood
2015-10-01poky.conf: Bump version for 2.0 jethro releaseRichard Purdie remove packages that are no longer in oe-coreAlexander Kanavin
2015-09-12poky-tiny.conf: Require utmpx, its needed for busyboxKhem Raj
2015-09-12maintainers: add maintainer info for new webkitgtk, epiphany and their depend...Alexander Kanavin
2015-08-14distro/include: Move files to OE-Core for support distrodataAníbal Limón
2015-07-31poky: Fix SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS lsb name for openSUSE 13.2Trevor Woerner remove outdated informationAlexander Kanavin updates to fix upstream version checks for multple packagesAlexander Kanavin drop reference to Google CodeAlexander Kanavin
2015-07-31distro/ maintainer updatesRoss Burton
2015-07-29distro/ Fix parsing error due to lack of " at end.Aníbal Limón
2015-07-29distro/ remove Saul Wold from maintainershipRoss Burton
2015-07-25qemu: change default version to 4.1Bruce Ashfield
2015-07-21distro: remove gamin metadataRoss Burton
2015-07-21local.conf.sample: Added /tmp to BB_DISKMON_DIRSMariano Lopez
2015-07-16maintainers/distro-alias: rename gtk-update-icon-cache to gtk-icon-utilsRoss Burton Add rules for clutter recipesJussi Kukkonen