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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-24poky: Bump distro version to 2.2.4Richard Purdie
2018-01-06local.conf.sample: Weakly set BB_DISKMON_DIRSRichard Purdie
2017-11-22poky: Bump distro version to 2.2.3Richard Purdie
2017-05-25poky: Update distro version to 2.2.2Richard Purdie
2017-01-11Bump version for 2.2.1 morty releaseRichard Purdie
2016-10-19local.conf.sample.extended: remove RM_OLD_IMAGEJoshua Lock
2016-10-15poky-tiny.conf: set QB_DEFAULT_FSTYPE to IMAGE_FSTYPESRobert Yang
2016-10-11poky.conf: fix DISTRO_VERSIONRoss Burton
2016-10-11poky.conf: Bump version for 2.2.0 morty releaseRichard Purdie
2016-09-28maintainers: Change maintainers for python(3) modulesLeonardo Sandoval
2016-09-28maintainers: new maintainers in multiple recipesLeonardo Sandoval Change perl maintainerLeonardo Sandoval
2016-09-13poky: add Fedora-24 to SANITY_TESTED_DISTROSJoshua Lock add missing recipesAlexander Kanavin rename gtk-doc-stub to gtk-doc, reassign to me2.2_M3Alexander Kanavin
2016-09-05poky: Update to linux-yocto 4.8 for qemu* machinesRichard Purdie update maintainers for DengkeRobert Yang
2016-08-20Revert "local.conf.sample: Disable ARM and PPC due to prelink test case failu...Richard Purdie
2016-08-19local.conf.sample: Disable ARM and PPC due to prelink test case failuresMark Hatle
2016-08-19Revert "local.conf.sample: Disable prelink by default"Mark Hatle add recently added recipesAlexander Kanavin
2016-08-10poky: update supported distrosJose Perez Carranza remove augeasRoss Burton
2016-07-07local.conf.sample.extended: drop RPM4 examplePaul Eggleton
2016-07-07poky: drop unsupported distrosJoshua Lock
2016-06-23toasterconf: exclude releases Toaster can't buildEd Bartosh remove libmad, add mpg123Alexander Kanavin reassign vala recipeAlexander Kanavin
2016-06-15conf/distro: remove oprofileuiRoss Burton add missing recipesAlexander Kanavin change maintainer of db packageMaxin B. John
2016-06-02poky: Add Ubuntu 16.04 to tested/supported list since I run it myselfRichard Purdie
2016-04-29poky: Switch to post release name/versionRichard Purdie
2016-04-29poky-tiny: Switch to using kernel 4.4 and busybox for initKhem Raj
2016-04-18toasterconf.json: Update for krogoth releaseBelen Barros Pena
2016-04-18toasterconf.json: Remove fido from supported configurationsBelen Barros Pena
2016-04-18poky-tiny.conf: set PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto-tiny to 4.4Robert Yang
2016-04-09local.conf.sample: Make it possible to override EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURESPeter Kjellerstedt
2016-04-09poky.conf: add Fedora 23 to supported distrosRoss Burton remove adt-installerYi Zhao
2016-04-09local.conf.sample: remove reference to adtYi Zhao
2016-04-08poky-floating-revisions: Fix typoRichard Purdie
2016-04-07toasterconf.json: Add DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR to poky toasterconfSujith H
2016-04-06poky: Convetion is 2.1, not 2.1.0Richard Purdie
2016-04-06poky.conf: Bump version for 2.1.0 krogoth releaseRichard Purdie
2016-04-03poky: Exclude DATE from DISTRO/SDK_VERSION checksumsRichard Purdie
2016-03-26poky-sanity.bbclass: update conf/templateconf.cfg for existing installationsBill Randle
2016-03-26site.conf.sample: fix reference to oe-git-proxy scriptPaul Eggleton
2016-03-26conf-notes: remove reference to adt-installerEd Bartosh
2016-03-13local.conf.sample: Disable prelink by defaultRichard Purdie