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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-11-06linux-moblin-2.6.27-rc6: Fix rc6 patch URLSamuel Ortiz
2008-11-06bootimg: As image size grows, we want to switch to FAT16Samuel Ortiz
2008-11-06moblin.conf: Use package_ipk as well as rpm, just for nowRichard Purdie
2008-11-06moblin-image-sdk: Should use NETBOOK_IMAGE_FEATURES not SATO_IMAGE_FEATURES.Joshua Lock
2008-11-05task-base: Removed RDEPEND on task-poky-bootJoshua Lock
2008-11-05linux-moblin: Tweak defconfig to improve kernel boot timeSamuel Ortiz
2008-11-05moblin-image-netbook-install: deleted.Joshua Lock
2008-11-05task-moblin-tools: moving sreadahead to task-moblin-bootSamuel Ortiz
2008-11-04sreadahead: Mark as x86 onlyRichard Purdie
2008-11-03task-moblin-tools: Add sreadahead to the package listSamuel Ortiz
2008-11-03sreadahead: Initial commitSamuel Ortiz
2008-11-03linux-moblin: Add super readahead ext3 specific patchSamuel Ortiz
2008-11-03moblin-fixed-revisions: Added and preferred over poky-fixed-revisionsJoshua Lock
2008-10-31linux-moblin: 2.6.27-rc6 is not the defaultSamuel Ortiz
2008-10-30[task-moblin] bumps PR, so that machine mods to XSERVER get noticedRobert Bragg
2008-10-30[netbook.conf] removes MACHINE_DRI_MODULES, use xf86-video-intel (not dri2) d...Robert Bragg
2008-10-30[moblin.conf] Adds quotes for PREFERRED_PROVIDER_xf86-video-intel ?= "xf86-vi...Robert Bragg
2008-10-30Makes PREFERRED_PROVIDERs in machine/netbook.conf overrideable via ?= operatorRobert Bragg
2008-10-29Merge branch 'pli1/X11-rework' of in...Richard Purdie
2008-10-29task-moblin-tools: bumping PRSamuel Ortiz
2008-10-29task-moblin-tools: Removed exmap and sreadaheadSamuel Ortiz
2008-10-29netbook.conf : change xf86-video-intel to xf86-video-intel-dri2Peng Li
2008-10-29meta-moblin/packages/tasks/ fix typo in filename.Joshua Lock
2008-10-29Tidy up images and tasks in meta and meta-moblin.Joshua Lock
2008-10-29meta-moblin: Add moblin-image-minimal imageSamuel Ortiz
2008-10-28conf/distro: Create a moblin distro config file based on the Poky oneRichard Purdie
2008-10-27tasks: apps-x11-pimlico renaming typoSamuel Ortiz
2008-10-27tasks: fix moblin-tools task name typoSamuel Ortiz
2008-10-24meta-moblin: rename images and tasks from poky-* to moblin-*Samuel Ortiz
2008-10-24meta-molbin/images: Add poky-image-sdk-live.bbRichard Purdie
2008-10-21linux-moblin: We dont need the defconfig-eee901 files anymoreSamuel Ortiz
2008-10-21linux-moblin: Add 2.6.27 moblin kernelSamuel Ortiz
2008-10-21netbook: changed platform name from eee901 to netbookSamuel Ortiz