path: root/meta-extras
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-09-29libnotify: move from meta-extras to meta-openmokoRoss Burton
2008-08-25Move libtiff to meta from meta-extrasRichard Purdie
2008-08-25python: Promote from meta-extras to metaRichard Purdie
2008-07-31Drop vincent, it doesn't work at presentRichard Purdie
2008-07-28python-native: update from OE and fix build after staging layout changeMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-07-28python-scons-native: fix after staging layout changeMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-07-28zope: fix build with new layout of stagingMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-07-23meta-extras: Add minicom (from OE)Richard Purdie
2008-07-02vincent: added missing dependency on x11Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-07-02syslog-ng: added missing dependency on glib-2.0Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-07-02matchbox-applet-volume: added missing dependency on gtk+Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-07-02libnotify: added missing dependency on dbus-glibMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-07-02gypsy: added missing dependency on dbus-glibMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-06-14tiff: make it work after libtool upgradeMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-30gypsy: bump SRCREV to 147Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-17tiff: upgraded to 3.8.2Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-17vincent: added patch for libtool 2.2.2Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-17vincent: switched to SRCREVMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-15python-pygtk: unbreakMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03python-native: added forgotten patchesMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03matchbox-common: moved to meta-extrasMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03matchbox-panel1 (and applets): moved to meta-extrasMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03flumotion: improve packagingMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03libxosd: merge with OE (switched to SRCREV, fixed packaging)Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03python: upgraded to 2.5.2 (merged from OE)Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03python-imaging: added from OE (required for flumotion update)Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03libtiff: added 3.7.2 from OE (required by python-imaging)Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03flumotion: merged OE improvements (fixed packaging, more revdeps)Marcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03flumotion: python-pygtk2 is now python-pygtkMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03python-pycairo: nasty pkg-config fix from OEMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03python-pygtk: imported changes from OEMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-04-03zope: merged fixes from OEMarcin Juszkiewicz
2008-02-07dhcp: Move from meta-extras to metaRichard Purdie
2008-02-07iproute2: Move from meta-extras to metaRichard Purdie
2008-02-07Move libnl from meta-extras to metaRichard Purdie
2008-02-07networkmanager: Move from meta-extras to metaRichard Purdie
2008-02-06networkmanager-applet: Remove animated icons improving functionality with satoRichard Purdie
2008-01-18Add notifation-daemon and libnotifyRoss Burton
2007-11-15python-pygtk: upgrade to 2.10.4 from OE and add PROVIDES to keep compabilityMarcin Juszkiewicz
2007-11-15python-pycairo: added 1.4.0 from OE (needed by python-pygtk 2.10)Marcin Juszkiewicz
2007-11-15python 2.4 is removedMarcin Juszkiewicz
2007-11-15python-pygobject: sync with OEMarcin Juszkiewicz
2007-11-15python-gst: update to 0.10.8 from OEMarcin Juszkiewicz
2007-11-15python-scons: update to 0.97 from OEMarcin Juszkiewicz
2007-11-15python: update to 2.5.1 from OE (without tcl/tk deps)Marcin Juszkiewicz
2007-11-15python-native: stage into STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVEMarcin Juszkiewicz
2007-11-13cleanupRichard Purdie
2007-11-13Add android-goldfish metadata to meta-extrasRichard Purdie
2007-11-07networkmanager: only add postinst script to networkmanager, not all packagesRoss Burton
2007-11-05Move ubootchart to meta/Ross Burton