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2019-02-25overview-manual, mega-manual: Updated Package Feeds diagramScott Rifenbark
2019-02-25kernel-dev: Updated section on running menuconfigScott Rifenbark
2019-02-25ref-manual: Typo found and fixed.Daniel Ammann
2019-02-25dev-manual: Updated clone and checkout example.Scott Rifenbark
2019-02-25brief-yoctoprojectqs: Updated tag list in example.Scott Rifenbark
2019-02-25ref-manual: Review edits to FILESOVERRIDES variable.Scott Rifenbark
2019-02-16ref-manual: Updates to FILESPATH and FILESOVERRIDES.Scott Rifenbark
2019-02-12dev-manual: Grammar fix.Scott Rifenbark
2019-02-12overview-manual: Fixed typo.Brian Silverman
2019-02-12ref-manual: Fixed literal formatting in INC_PR variable.Scott Rifenbark
2019-02-12ref-manual: Update default value for PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT_STYLEJoshua Watt
2019-02-12ref-manual: Updated list of supported distros.Scott Rifenbark
2019-01-21ref-manual: Update to SDK_VERSION variable.Peter Kjellerstedt
2019-01-16dev-manual: Added some clarification for nographic qemu option.Scott Rifenbark
2019-01-16dev-manual: Remove True option to getVar callsAndré Draszik
2019-01-16brief-yoctoprojectqs, dev-manual: Update tag checkout examplesScott Rifenbark
2019-01-16ref-manual: Updates to FILESPATH and IMAGE_FSTYPES variables.Scott Rifenbark
2018-12-27mega-manual: Updates to support BitBake User ManualScott Rifenbark
2018-12-27ref-manual, overview-manual: Fixed BitBake User Manual linksScott Rifenbark
2018-12-15ref-manual: Document the fifth argument to PACKAGECONFIGPeter Kjellerstedt
2018-12-15ref-manual: Add missing whitespace around "=" in a few code examples.Peter Kjellerstedt
2018-12-15documentation: Preparing for 2.7 release.Scott Rifenbark
2018-12-15poky.ent: Updated copyright variable to span into 2019.Scott Rifenbark
2018-12-15ref-manual: Updates to CMake and cmake.bbclass.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Updated list of supported Linux Distros:Armin Kuster
2018-11-22dev-manual: Added note stating no WSL supportScott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Added a note saying WSL is not supported.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22brief-yoctoprojectqs: Added warnings about WSL, which can't be used.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22kernel-dev: Updated phrasing for what a "defconfig" file is.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Updated image_types.bbclass description.Ming Liu
2018-11-22ref-manual: Added description for devupstream.bbclassScott Rifenbark
2018-11-22dev-manual: Updated the "Post-Installation Scripts" section.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Added cross-references to "Post-Installation Scripts"Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Updated "Packaging Changes" section for 2.6 migration.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Applied review edits to the 2.6 migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: New 2.6 Migration section complete.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Added new python3 profile-optimization migration topicScott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Updated postinstall migration note.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Updates to the 2.6 migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Added KERNEL_ARTIFACT_NAME and adjusted referencing variables.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Removed the NOISO and NOHDD references.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22dev-manual: Removed occurrence of script.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Removed the NOISO and NOHDD variables.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Added several new sections to the 2.6 migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Added new artifact naming variables to glossary.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Changed "post 2.6" to correct wording.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Added KERNEL_IMAGE_NAME descriptionScott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Added GCCVERSION variable description to glossary.Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Updated migration section for 2.6Scott Rifenbark
2018-11-22ref-manual: Updated 2.6 migration topic "_remove"Scott Rifenbark