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2017-04-29ref-manual: Added warning for nativesdk recipe naming conventionScott Rifenbark
2017-04-29poky.ent: Added "iputils-ping" to Ubuntu/Debian essential packagesScott Rifenbark
2017-04-29poky.ent: Added "python3-pexpect" to distrosScott Rifenbark
2017-04-20dev-manual, ref-manual: Updated various wordings and linksScott Rifenbark
2017-04-18poky.ent: Removed "python3-expect" package from 3 distros.Scott Rifenbark
2017-04-18ref-manual, dev-manual: Updates to support recipe-specific sysrootsScott Rifenbark
2017-04-12dev-manual, ref-manual: Edits to the "Incrementing Binary Package" section.Scott Rifenbark
2017-04-12dev-manual, ref-manual: Created new section on linear revision for packagesScott Rifenbark
2017-04-12ref-manual: Initial draft of 2.3 migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2017-04-12dev-manual: Added section on using headers to interface with devicesScott Rifenbark
2017-04-12dev-manual, ref-manual: Added PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS and concept supportScott Rifenbark
2017-04-12sdk-manual: Fixed link to Neon download site.Scott Rifenbark
2017-04-12dev-manual: Added cross-reference to QA and Test Infrastructure section.Scott Rifenbark
2017-04-12ref-manual: Added section on test and QA infrastructureScott Rifenbark
2017-04-12dev-manual: Added YP Compatibility featureScott Rifenbark
2017-03-31poky.ent: Removed python3-expect from the CentOS distroScott Rifenbark
2017-03-31dev-manuual: Replaced "smart" with "dnf"Scott Rifenbark
2017-03-31ref-manual: Rewording of devtool-deploy target command caveatsScott Rifenbark
2017-03-31kernel-dev: Provided better wording for recipe-space metadata sectionScott Rifenbark
2017-03-31dev-manual; ref-manual: Updates to replace "smart" with "dnf"Scott Rifenbark
2017-03-31ref-manual: Fixed wording for clarityScott Rifenbark
2017-03-31ref-manual, yocto-project-qs, poky.ent: Fixed CentOS essentialsScott Rifenbark
2017-03-31bsp-guide, kernel-dev: Updates to how kernel metadata is foundScott Rifenbark
2017-03-24kernel-dev: Reorganized Kernel Metadata Location and Syntax sectionsScott Rifenbark
2017-03-24kernel-dev: Corrected linking format for two variables.Scott Rifenbark
2017-03-24dev-manual: Added cross-reference note into the BSP Guide.Scott Rifenbark
2017-03-24documentation: Added support for "pyro" name and May release date.Scott Rifenbark
2017-03-24ref-manual: Updated note about included failed license checkScott Rifenbark
2017-03-24dev-manual, ref-manual: Added support for WKS_FILE_DEPENDS variable.Scott Rifenbark
2017-03-24dev-manual: Fixed formatting error for arguments.Scott Rifenbark
2017-03-24dev-manual: Fixed grammar error - article agreement.Scott Rifenbark
2017-03-24ref-manual: Added information about pre-installed dependenciesScott Rifenbark
2017-03-24dev-manual: Add explanation for signing RPM packages and using signed packagesScott Rifenbark
2017-03-24ref-manual: Added new "Release Process" chapterScott Rifenbark
2017-03-24poky.ent: Added python3-pip and python3-pexpect to all distrosScott Rifenbark
2017-03-24poky.ent, yocto-project-qs: Added "xz" and "which" to Essential packagesScott Rifenbark
2017-03-24ref-manual: Added five "COPYLEFT*" variables to the glossary.Scott Rifenbark
2017-02-19ref-manual: Expanded kernel task descriptions.Scott Rifenbark
2017-02-19dev-manual: Minor corrections to maintaining Open Source lic. comp.Scott Rifenbark
2017-02-19ref-manual: Updated NO_RECOMMENDATIONS glossary entryScott Rifenbark
2017-02-19documentation: Updated "latest manual" note on title pageScott Rifenbark
2017-01-25ref-manual: remove core-image-directfb referenceScott Rifenbark
2017-01-25ref-manual: Removed and pn-depends.dotScott Rifenbark
2017-01-23yocto-project-qs, poky.ent: Added "pexpect" to essential packagesScott Rifenbark
2017-01-20poky.ent: Added "pip3" as an essential host installation packageScott Rifenbark
2017-01-20poky.ent: Updated the Ubuntu/Debian Essential package listScott Rifenbark
2017-01-20poky.ent: Added Essential packages to Fedora and openSUSEScott Rifenbark
2017-01-20dev-manual: Updated the "How to Submit a Change" section.Scott Rifenbark
2017-01-20ref-manual: Updated LIC_FILES_CHKSUM exampleScott Rifenbark
2017-01-20yocto-project-qs: Updated Manual Note information on title pageScott Rifenbark