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2013-03-02dev-manual: Added note about BitBake processing brace characters.Scott Rifenbark
2013-03-02adt-manual: Updates to de-emphasize opt/poky and include sysrootScott Rifenbark
2013-03-02dev-manual: Added multilib example referencesScott Rifenbark
2013-03-02dev-manual: Review comments applied for "Working in team" sectionScott Rifenbark
2013-03-02dev-manual: Review comments added to "Working in Team" sectionScott Rifenbark
2013-03-02dev-manual: Edits to the "Working in a Team Environment" section.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14yocto-docs: Fixup a couple of merge issuesRichard Purdie
2013-02-14dev-manual: Revision of "Team Environment" section.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual, ref-manual: Cross-references between PR Service and cacheScott Rifenbark
2013-02-14template: Changed the font color for footers and headersScott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual, bsp-guide: Added some linksScott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual: Updated PR Service section with commentsScott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual: First draft of the PR Service section.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14ref-manual: Created "Development Host System Issues" sectionScott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual: Fixed <ulink> to be on a single line.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14documentation: Removed three figures from poky-ref-manualTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation: Part 2 of 2 for YP doc integration into Eclipse.Timo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation: Part 1 of 2 updates to integrating docs to Eclipse help.Timo Mueller
2013-02-14adt-manual: Added cross-reference link for Cross-dev toolchain.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual: Updates to expose cross-toolchain recipes.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14kernel-dev: Added note for YP release requirements.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14ref-manual: edits to update-alternatives.bbclass description.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14ref-manual: Edits to the question on how source code is fetched.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14ref-manual: Updated SSTATE_MIRRORS glossary entry.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14yocto-project-qs: Updates to how to use local directories for sourceScott Rifenbark
2013-02-14ref-manual: added MIRRORS glossary definition.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14ref-manual: Added PREMIRRORS glossary entry.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual: Various typos fixedScott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual: Updates to "Using .bbappend Files" sectionScott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual: three typos fixed.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14dev-manual, ref-manual: Updates for BBPATH.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14ref-manual, dev-manual: Updates to BBMASK variable.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14ref-manual: Updates to the FILESEXTRAPATHS variable.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14ref-manual: new BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY variable added to glossary.Scott Rifenbark
2013-02-14documentation: Add chunk.quietly option to eclipse processingTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/tools/eclipse-help.sed: Fix whitespaceTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/Makefile: Fix copying of figures folderTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/Makefile: Clean up eclipse target and update help.Timo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/Makefile: Added conversion of links to other documentation parts.Timo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/tools/eclipse-help.sed: Processes external links for eclipse ht...Timo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/Makefile: logic to make all for yocto-project-qs and cleanupTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Convert fake-title secti...Timo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/Makefile: Support for making Eclipse HTML yocto project qs manualTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs-eclipse-customization.xsl: ne...Timo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/yocto-project-qs: Added custom title pageTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation: Move yocto-project-qs global parameters to customization fileTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/Makefile: logic to make all for poky-ref-manual and cleanupTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/poky-ref-manual/poky-ref-manual.xml: Added Title tagTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/Makefile: Support for making Eclipse HTML poky ref manualTimo Mueller
2013-02-14documentation/poky-ref-manual/poky-ref-manual-eclipse-customization.xsl: new ...Timo Mueller