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2014-10-28ref-manual: Updates to the migrating to YP 1.7 section.yocto-1.7dizzy-12.0.0Scott Rifenbark
2014-10-18ref-manual: Scrubbed for variable (user) input.Scott Rifenbark
2014-10-18dev-manual, ref-manual: Updated 1.7 migration section with review commentsScott Rifenbark
2014-10-18ref-manual, dev-manual: Applied migration review edits.Scott Rifenbark
2014-10-18ref-manual: Added new migration section for the 1.7 release.Scott Rifenbark
2014-07-03ref-manual, yocto-project-qs: Fixed required Git to 1.7.8+Maxin B. John
2014-06-18ref-manual: Added new section on general migration points.Scott Rifenbark
2014-06-18ref-manual: Edits to "atom-pc Board Support Package (BSP)" section.Scott Rifenbark
2014-06-18ref-manual: Added ptest default build info to migrating section.Scott Rifenbark
2014-05-13ref-manual: Added links to new do_* sections.Scott Rifenbark
2014-04-23ref-manual: Added new section to the 1.6 migration section plus some 1.5 edits.Scott Rifenbark
2014-04-22ref-manual: Pulled the item for forked packages out.Scott Rifenbark
2014-04-21ref-manual: Added package change info to the migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2014-04-11ref-manual: Added warning about forking packages when upgrading YPScott Rifenbark
2014-04-08ref-manual: Added new migration section on BB console output.Scott Rifenbark
2014-04-08ref-manual: Typo fix to CFLAGS 1.6 migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2014-04-08ref-manual: Edits to the 1.6 migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2014-04-04ref-manual: Added the migration section for 1.6.Scott Rifenbark
2014-04-04ref-manual: Added links for some new variables.Scott Rifenbark
2014-04-01documentation: Updates to get rid of PRINC variable.Scott Rifenbark
2014-03-30ref-manual: Added placeholder sections for the "Migration" section.Scott Rifenbark
2013-12-11ref-manual: Edits to packagegroup class.Scott Rifenbark
2013-12-03documentation: Scrubbed use of directory namesScott Rifenbark
2013-12-03ref-manual: Couple innocuuous tweaks to migration chapter.Robert P. J. Day
2013-10-01ref-manual: Applied review edits to migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2013-10-01ref-manual: Updated 1.5 Migration section and COMPLEMENTARY_GLOB variableScott Rifenbark
2013-10-01dev-manual, ref-manual: Review edits for new variables.Scott Rifenbark
2013-10-01ref-manual: Updated the QA checks section in the 1.5 migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2013-10-01ref-manual: Added the version-going-backwards test to insaneScott Rifenbark
2013-10-01ref-manual: New migration section for 1.5 and new variablesScott Rifenbark
2013-09-12ref-manual: Added section on linux kernel image names using PEScott Rifenbark
2013-08-13ref-manual: Added two links for FILESOVERRIDES and OVERRIDESScott Rifenbark
2013-05-22dev-manual, bsp-guide: Updates for init-ifupdown change.Scott Rifenbark
2013-04-17dev-manual: Edits to "Trim the Kernel" section.Scott Rifenbark
2013-04-17ref-manual: Changes to the migration sectionScott Rifenbark
2013-04-13ref-manual: Review comments applied for patch sessionScott Rifenbark
2013-04-13ref-manual: Added "Target Package Management with RMP" section.Scott Rifenbark
2013-04-13ref-manual: Added a link to the SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS variable.Scott Rifenbark
2013-04-13ref-manual: Added two cross-references.Scott Rifenbark
2013-04-13ref-manual/ref-variables: add RPROVIDESPaul Eggleton
2013-04-13ref-manual/ref-variables: add RSUGGESTSPaul Eggleton
2013-04-10ref-manual: Review comments from Paul Eggleton into the Migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2013-04-10ref-manual: New 1.4 Migration section added.Scott Rifenbark
2013-04-04ref-manual: Added preliminary migration raw text.Scott Rifenbark
2013-04-04ref-manual: Fixed a typo "consits".Scott Rifenbark
2013-04-04ref-manual: Minor edits to the "Migration" chapter.Scott Rifenbark
2013-01-07documentation: Rename of poky-ref-manual folder to ref-manual.Scott Rifenbark