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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-10bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Added "usehead" parameter.mortyYong, Jonathan
2018-07-26bitbake: fetch2: fix import error for Python 3.6.5Tzu Hsiang Lin
2018-03-09bitbake: providers: Fix determinism issueRichard Purdie
2018-01-17bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Fixed porno hack for hello world exampleScott Rifenbark
2018-01-04bitbake: toaster: remove cut and paste cruftbrian avery
2018-01-04bitbake: toaster: move sqlite database to TOASTER_DIRbrian avery
2018-01-04bitbake: toaster: bin/toaster whitelist TOASTER_DIRbrian avery
2017-12-18bitbake: fetch2: Do not fail to create symbolic links if they already existPeter Kjellerstedt
2017-12-18bitbake: bitbake-layers: fix layerindex-fetch for Python 3Paul Eggleton
2017-11-07bitbake: Replace deprecated git branch parameter "--set-upstream"Andre Rosa
2017-10-10bitbake: toaster/highlight.pack.js: Fix corrupted fileRichard Purdie
2017-10-10bitbake: toaster: Remove prettifyDavid Reyna
2017-08-29bitbake: wget: Fix handling of urls with user/passwordRichard Purdie
2017-07-21bitbake: support deeply nested tokensPatrick Ohly
2017-06-27bitbake: siggen: Make calc_taskhash match get_taskhash for file checksumsRichard Purdie
2017-03-26bitbake: lib/bs4: Fix imports from html5lib >= 0.9999999/1.0b8Daniel Lublin
2017-03-16bitbake: run sanity checks for multiconfigJuro Bystricky
2017-03-16bitbake: new multiconfig '*' syntax supportJuro Bystricky
2017-03-16bitbake: data_smart: Fix unneeded variable manipulationRichard Purdie
2017-02-03bitbake: tinfoil: clean environment when starting up cookerPaul Eggleton
2017-02-03bitbake: bitbake-worker: Handle cooker/worker IO deadlockingRichard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: cookerdata: Convert multiconfig to use BB_CURRENT_MCRichard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: runqueue: Only start fakeroot workers when neededRichard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: runqueue: Ensure setscene tasks with overlapping stamps don't parall...Richard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: runqueue: Fix setscene issues with multiconfigRichard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: siggen: Fix clean_basepath to work with multiconfigRichard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: build/uihelper: Show better information about multiconfig tasks on UIRichard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: runqueue: Ensure pseudo executes from the correct place (use the rig...Richard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: bitbake: cooker: Handle inofity queue overflows more gracefullyRichard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: bitbake: cooker: Fix world taskgraph generation issueRichard Purdie
2017-01-11bitbake: bitbake: utils: Avoid traceback errorsRichard Purdie
2016-11-16bitbake: toaster: settings set ALLOWED_HOSTS to * in debug modebrian avery
2016-11-16bitbake: bitbake-worker: print full traceback instead of message onlyMarkus Lehtonen
2016-11-16bitbake: data: fix exception handling in exported_vars()Markus Lehtonen
2016-11-16bitbake: siggen: Ensure taskhash mismatches don't override existing dataRichard Purdie
2016-11-16bitbake: siggen: Pass basehash to worker processes and sanity check reparsing...Richard Purdie
2016-11-16bitbake: build: Ensure we preserve sigbasedata files as well as sigdata onesRichard Purdie
2016-11-03bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper Handle regex pathsbrian avery
2016-10-15bitbake: toaster: Update default release to Mortybrian avery
2016-10-15bitbake: toaster: Update poky fixture for Morty releasebrian avery
2016-10-15bitbake: toaster: Update oe-core fixture for Morty releasebrian avery
2016-10-15bitbake: bb.event: fix infinite loop on print_ui_queueAníbal Limón
2016-10-13bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Changed BB_SETSCENE_VERIFY_FUNCTION nameScott Rifenbark
2016-10-13bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Fixes small typos for 'addtask' sectionScott Rifenbark
2016-10-13bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Updated the [noexec] and [nostamp] flag descrip...Scott Rifenbark
2016-10-13bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Fleshed out the "addtask" documentationScott Rifenbark
2016-10-13bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Updated the datastore functionsScott Rifenbark
2016-10-11bitbake: Remove redundant whitelist checksRandy Witt
2016-10-11bitbake: bitbake: Update version to 1.32.0Richard Purdie
2016-10-11bitbake: depexp: Close UI with error message on NoProvider eventJussi Kukkonen