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2012-10-10bitbake: hob-toolchain: task-core-standalone-sdk-target renamed to packagegro...Andrei Dinu
2012-10-10bitbake: hob/imageconfigurationpage: a 'hob-image' appears listed in the base...Cristiana Voicu
2012-10-10bitbake: hob/hobeventhandler: Describe the runCommand failure exceptionConstantin Musca
2012-10-10bitbake: hob/hobeventhandler: Throw an exception if runCommand failsConstantin Musca
2012-10-03bitbake: hob/imagedetailspage: disable the deploy tool for qemu machinesConstantin Musca
2012-10-03bitbake: hob/settings: alignment and spacing fixes on "Shared state" tabCristiana Voicu
2012-10-03bitbake: hob/image_details/run_image: Kernel must be setIoana Grigoropol
2012-10-03bitbake: fetch2: raise an exception if user specifies protocol=git with http://Paul Eggleton
2012-10-03bitbake: Fix PREFERRED_VERSION containing epochsRichard Purdie
2012-10-02bitbake: hob/hobpages: Generate the title label every timeConstantin Musca
2012-10-02bitbake: hob: Improved behavior for error reporting windowCristian Iorga
2012-10-02bitbake: Update version to 1.16.0Richard Purdie
2012-10-02bitbake: hob: Further improvements to hob dialogsBogdan Marinescu
2012-10-02bitbake: hob: Fix 'User selected' tag functionalityConstantin Musca
2012-10-02bitbake: hob/settings: Change the 'Delete' button behaviour in the shared sta...Cristiana Voicu
2012-10-02bitbake: hob/image_details: Remove kernel info from detailsIoana Grigoropol
2012-10-02bitbake: tests/utils: Add test for explode_dep_versions2Richard Purdie
2012-10-02bitbake: utils: Add explode_dep_versions2 to replace explode_dep_versionsRichard Purdie
2012-10-02bitbake: Allow explode_dep_versions comparisons to have arbitrary w...Mark Hatle
2012-10-02bitbake: Check for duplicate dependency entriesMark Hatle
2012-09-28bitbake: Fix bad merge of #2162Bogdan Marinescu
2012-09-28bitbake: hob: Error reports are done in a clearer wayCristian Iorga
2012-09-28bitbake: hob/builddetailspage: fix failure_primary_action_button_clicked_cbConstantin Musca
2012-09-28bitbake: hob/builddetailspage: remove "back" buttonCristiana Voicu
2012-09-28bitbake: knotty: Allow displaying of status when no tasks are activeRichard Purdie
2012-09-28bitbake: parse/ConfHandler: Add negative lookahead to spot some quoting problemsRichard Purdie
2012-09-28bitbake: hob: set modal flag on progress dialogRoss Burton
2012-09-28bitbake: hob/settings: implement a new tab in settings dialog to show SSTATE_...Cristiana Voicu
2012-09-28bitbake: Add missing file from previous commitRichard Purdie
2012-09-27bitbake: hob/builder: When you stop a build, Hob should tell you stopping is ...Constantin Musca
2012-09-27bitbake: lib/bb/ improve output for expansion errorsPaul Eggleton
2012-09-27bitbake: cooker: adjust layer dependency error messagesPaul Eggleton
2012-09-27bitbake: hob/recipeselectionpage: recipes should not be shown brought in by t...Cristiana Voicu
2012-09-27bitbake: fetch2: add "-d" option to cpioRobert Yang
2012-09-27bitbake: Multiple user interface fixes in settingsBogdan Marinescu
2012-09-27bitbake: hob/runningbuild: Add missing logging level argumentConstantin Musca
2012-09-27bitbake: Add sanity check progress screenBogdan Marinescu
2012-09-27bitbake: hob/builddetailspage: change branch fieldCristiana Voicu
2012-09-27bitbake: hob: Buttons width and height are taken for hostIoana Grigoropol
2012-09-27bitbake: hob/settings: implement a new tab in settings dialog to show SSTATE_...Cristiana Voicu
2012-09-25bitbake: fetch2/git: Don't use deprecated API1.3_M5.rc2Richard Purdie
2012-09-25bitbake: hob/packageselectionpage:cancel button should redirect to Image conf...Cristiana Voicu
2012-09-25bitbake: hob/builddetailspage: change tooltips and remove a dialog from "Buil...Cristiana Voicu
2012-09-24bitbake: bitbake: Unbuffer stdout for log filesJason Wessel
2012-09-24bitbake:,,, Add support for Lo...Jason Wessel
2012-09-24bitbake: Fix traceback when running goggle uiJason Wessel
2012-09-24bitbake: runqueue: Add --no-setscene to skip all setscene tasksJason Wessel
2012-09-24bitbake: fetch2/git: Add missing mkdirRichard Purdie
2012-09-24bitbake: fetch2: improve error output for checksum failuresPaul Eggleton
2012-09-24bitbake: fetch2: make fetch failure errors more readablePaul Eggleton