path: root/bitbake/lib/bb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-09bitbake: toaster: toasterui Add ParseStarted/ParseProgress events to maskbrian avery
2015-12-08bitbake: knotty: Enforce terminal line limit to stop crazy scrollingRichard Purdie
2015-12-08bitbake: bitbake: rename REGEX, REGEX_URI, and GITTAGREGEX.Alexander Kanavin
2015-12-07bitbake: toaster: get rid of complicated heuristicsEd Bartosh
2015-12-07bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper Broaden the toaster created recipe data caseMichael Wood
2015-12-07bitbake: toaster: do not create duplicate HelpText objectsEd Bartosh
2015-12-07bitbake: toaster: do not terminate bb serverEd Bartosh
2015-12-07bitbake: toaster: update brbe and project attributesEd Bartosh
2015-12-07bitbake: lib/bb/utils: improve edit_bblayers_conf() handling of bblayers.conf...Paul Eggleton
2015-12-07bitbake: lib/bb/utils: fix error in edit_metadata() when deleting first linePaul Eggleton
2015-12-07bitbake: parse only <a> tagsAlexander Kanavin
2015-11-16bitbake: data_smart: Only support lowercase OVERRIDESRichard Purdie
2015-11-16bitbake: fetch2: Remove crazy code in unpackRichard Purdie
2015-11-16bitbake: parse: Don't try to expand __base_depends/__dependsRichard Purdie
2015-11-16bitbake: cache: Don't try to expand __inherit_dataRichard Purdie
2015-11-16bitbake: codeparser: Only load the codeparser cache onceRichard Purdie
2015-10-29bitbake: toasterui: Create per-build logsElliot Smith
2015-10-29bitbake: build/utils: Add BB_TASK_IONICE_LEVEL supportRichard Purdie
2015-10-29bitbake: cooker: Ensure BB_CONSOLE remains correct over server resetsRichard Purdie
2015-10-29bitbake: bb/ui: Use getSetVariable command for BB_CONSOLELOGRichard Purdie
2015-10-29bitbake: command: Add getSetVariable commandRichard Purdie
2015-10-27bitbake: toaster: add get_or_create_targets APIEd Bartosh
2015-10-27bitbake: fetcher: svn: Add support for checkout to a custom pathJens Rehsack
2015-10-27bitbake: cooker: preserve pre and post configsEd Bartosh
2015-10-16bitbake: fetch2/hg: Include missing errno importLogan Buchy
2015-10-16bitbake: cooker: normalize build targetsEd Bartosh
2015-10-16bitbake: toaster: Record critical errorsElliot Smith
2015-10-16bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper Detect command line buildsMichael Wood
2015-10-11bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper Skip packages we have no build info aboutMichael Wood
2015-10-11bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper associate build data with built_recipeMichael Wood
2015-10-11bitbake: toaster: use meaningful logging levelsEd Bartosh
2015-10-11bitbake: toaster: ignore ReachableStamps eventEd Bartosh
2015-10-01bitbake: bitbake/lib: Update version to 1.28.0Richard Purdie
2015-10-01bitbake: siggen: Make it clear why nostamp tasks signatures don't matchRichard Purdie
2015-10-01bitbake: runqueue: Add handling of virtual/xxx provider mappingsRichard Purdie
2015-10-01bitbake: taskdata: Add a function to return the virtual/ mapping dataRichard Purdie
2015-10-01bitbake: cookerdata: Rename BBPKGS -> BBTARGETSRichard Purdie
2015-09-29bitbake: utils: only add layer once in edit_bblayers_conf()Markus Lehtonen
2015-09-29bitbake: Revert "bitbake: toaster: don't re-create Target objects"Michael Wood
2015-09-29bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper Create a copy of the built layer and recipeMichael Wood
2015-09-29bitbake: toaster: Create a relationship between build information and toaster...Michael Wood
2015-09-23bitbake: tinfoil: remove logging handler at shutdownMarkus Lehtonen
2015-09-23bitbake: toaster: Add fake entry to Target_File for filesystem rootElliot Smith
2015-09-23bitbake: toaster: don't re-create Target objectsEd Bartosh
2015-09-19bitbake: bitbake: bb.fetch2.git: Import errno moduleRomain Perier
2015-09-18bitbake: data_smart: Ensure OVERRIDES dependencies account for contains()Richard Purdie
2015-09-18bitbake: data_smart: Correctly handle OVERRIDE values set using ??=Richard Purdie
2015-09-18bitbake: data_smart: When considering OVERRIDE dependencies, do so recursivelyRichard Purdie
2015-09-18bitbake: data_smart: Expand overrides cache recursivelyRichard Purdie
2015-09-18bitbake: bb.fetch2.{git, hg}: remove tarball if it needs updatingChristopher Larson