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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-15bitbake: cooker, toaster: variable definition trackingdora-toasterAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-11-15bitbake: toaster: task with outcome 2 (sstate), should have sstate_result!=0Cristiana Voicu
2013-11-15bitbake: toaster: fix path to buildstats fileAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-11-15bitbake: toasterui: mark failed sceneQueue tasks as failedAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-11-15bitbake: toaster: remove author fieldAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-11-15bitbake: toaster: convert build_package size to bytes to keep consistenceCristiana Voicu
2013-11-05bitbake: toaster: fix target package informationtoaster-dora-10.0.0Alexandru DAMIAN
2013-11-04bitbake: toaster: add variable description for prefixed/suffixed variablesCristiana Voicu
2013-11-04bitbake: build, toaster: record proper task typeAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-11-04bitbake: toaster: fixes for null values from eventsAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-10-16bitbake: add Toaster UI interfaceAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-10-07bitbake: hob: change tooltip for live imagesCristiana Voicu
2013-10-07bitbake: bitbake/hob: removing extra parameters from conf files using hobCristiana Voicu
2013-10-07bitbake: HOB: MACHINE should be saved in conf files using ?=Valentin Popa
2013-09-30bitbake: HOB: Busy cursor when saving configurationValentin Popa
2013-09-22bitbake: hob: populate "Save image" dialog when saving changes to a custom im...Cristiana Voicu
2013-09-22bitbake: bitbake: event: adding generic event for metadata usageAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-09-22bitbake: bitbake: cooker: get extra information from recipe cacheAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-09-22bitbake: bitbake: cooker,xmlrpc,servers: implement CookerFeaturesAlexandru DAMIAN
2013-09-14bitbake: knotty: Cleanup error/interruption handlingRichard Purdie
2013-09-14bitbake: cooker: Rename confusing 'stop' state to 'forceshutdown'Richard Purdie
2013-09-06bitbake: knotty: Reduce refresh of footerRichard Purdie
2013-09-06bitbake: hob: remove custom image from the images list when not neededCristiana Voicu
2013-09-06bitbake: hob: limit the description size when a custom image is savedCristiana Voicu
2013-09-04bitbake: hob: remove PACKAGE_INSTALL variable setting from hobCristiana Voicu
2013-08-27bitbake: hob: fixes for image combo boxCristiana Voicu
2013-08-27bitbake: hob: add event handlers filtering in HobCristiana Voicu
2013-08-26bitbake: bitbake: Add ui event handlers filteringRichard Purdie
2013-08-22bitbake: hob: changes to image combo box from image configuration pageCristiana Voicu
2013-08-22bitbake: : Scrollable windows for long tooltipsAndrei Dinu
2013-08-16bitbake: hob/retrieveimagedialog: change labelsCristiana Voicu
2013-08-16bitbake: taskdata: report close matches with NoProvider errorsPaul Eggleton
2013-08-12bitbake: hob: Add missing file from previous commitRichard Purdie
2013-08-06bitbake: depexp: fix typo in variable nameRoss Burton
2013-08-06bitbake: depexp: insert data instead of append/set, for speedRoss Burton
2013-08-06bitbake: depexp: make parse() a member functionRoss Burton
2013-08-06bitbake: hob/imageconfigurationpage: changes to image comboboxCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob/imagedetailspage: add tooltip for save image recipe buttonCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob: set focus on entry name when the name is not correctCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob: implement the "retrieve image dialog" + changes to image combo boxCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob: retrieve file name of an imageCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob: changes to image combo boxCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob: the saved image should be editableCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob: change the name and description for the saveimagedialogCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob & bitbake: append a value to a variable from hob throught bitbakeCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob: make changes in order to permit from UI to edit an image after ...Cristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob/bitbake: save the description of a custom imageCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob/bitbake: create a template (a .bb file) from hob through bitbakeCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob: create save image dialog used to save a templateCristiana Voicu
2013-08-06bitbake: hob: labelling changes in HobCristiana Voicu