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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-24bitbake:,,, Add support for Lo...Jason Wessel
2012-08-22bitbake: ui: Improve error message if bitbake cannot import python curses moduleKonrad Scherer
2012-05-23replace os.system with subprocess.callRobert Yang
2011-08-15Fixup remaining bb.msg.domain usersRichard Purdie
2011-07-08bitbake cooker/ui: handle cmd line parsing result by individual UI.Lianhao Lu
2011-01-05Resurrect alternative UIsBob Foerster
2011-01-04Rename command events, adjust compareRevisionsChris Larson
2011-01-04Rename the ui 'init' method to 'main'Chris Larson
2010-07-023.0 prepChris Larson
2010-07-02Apply some 2to3 refactoringsChris Larson
2010-07-02Apply some 2to3 transforms that don't cause issues in 2.6Chris Larson
2010-07-02Apply the 2to3 print function transformChris Larson
2010-07-02Formatting cleanupsChris Larson
2010-07-02Fix an error in the ncurses UIChris Larson
2010-07-02Fix the task event handling in the ncurses UIChris Larson
2010-01-20bitbake: Switch to bitbake-dev version (bitbake master upstream)Richard Purdie