AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-20bitbake: fetch2/tests: Add parameter to recipe_uriPavel Zhukov
2023-01-20numactl: skip test case when target platform doesn't have 2 CPU nodeXiangyu Chen
2023-01-20mdadm: Define alignof using _Alignof when using C11 or newerKhem Raj
2023-01-20pseudo: Switch back to the master branchRichard Purdie
2023-01-20pseudo: Update to pull in linux-libc-headers race fixRichard Purdie
2023-01-20musl-obstack: Update to 1.2.3Khem Raj
2023-01-20vulkan-samples: Drop using u8string_viewKhem Raj
2023-01-20python3-numpy: Define _ALIGN using _Alignof when using C11 or newerKhem Raj
2023-01-18scripts/oe-setup-layers: Make efficiently idempotentChuck Wolber
2023-01-18vim: upgrade 9.0.0947 -> 9.0.1211Randy MacLeod
2023-01-18lttng-modules: update 2.13.7 -> 2.13.8He Zhe
2023-01-18rpm: do not export MAGIC in SDKChen Qi
2023-01-18file: export MAGIC in SDKChen Qi
2023-01-18mesa: update submitted patch with backported versionMartin Jansa
2023-01-18linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.87Bruce Ashfield
2023-01-18linux-yocto/6.1: update to v6.1.5Bruce Ashfield
2023-01-18linux-yocto/6.1: qemuriscv32: Enable CONFIG_NONPORTABLEBruce Ashfield
2023-01-18linux-yocto/6.1: edgerouter: Replace OCTEON_USB with USB_OCTEON_HCDBruce Ashfield
2023-01-18devtool: fix devtool finish when gitmodules file is emptyThomas Roos
2023-01-18webkitgtk: fix perl-native dependencyOvidiu Panait
2023-01-18cve-check: write the cve manifest to IMGDEPLOYDIRJermain Horsman
2023-01-18cpio: Fix gnulib alignof implementation on clangKhem Raj
2023-01-18opkg: Define alignof using _Alignof when using C11 or newerKhem Raj
2023-01-18m4: Define alignof_slot using _Alignof when using C11 or newerKhem Raj
2023-01-18dbus: Use Alignof when using C11 or newer standardKhem Raj
2023-01-18libxcb: Fixed c2x standard undefined behaviourKhem Raj
2023-01-18gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: Fix libsoup runtime dependencyTom Hochstein
2023-01-18mesa: allow mesa (gbm) to compile without backendVincent Davis Jr
2023-01-18bitbake: fetch2/tests: Add test for MercurialPavel Zhukov
2023-01-18bitbake: fetch2: kill parameters in uri_find_decodedPavel Zhukov
2023-01-16gperf: Make the code C++17 compliantKhem Raj
2023-01-16unfs3: Fix implicit function declarations of fix_dir_times()Khem Raj
2023-01-16vulkan-samples: Update to the tip of trunkKhem Raj
2023-01-16groff: Drop use of `register` storage classKhem Raj
2023-01-16cpio: Do not use _Noreturn in gnulibKhem Raj
2023-01-16xz: upgrade 5.4.0 -> 5.4.1Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16stress-ng: upgrade 0.15.01 -> 0.15.02Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-pygments: upgrade 2.13.0 -> 2.14.0Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-pbr: upgrade 5.11.0 -> 5.11.1Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-packaging: upgrade 22.0 -> 23.0Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-importlib-metadata: upgrade 5.2.0 -> 6.0.0Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-hypothesis: upgrade 6.61.0 -> 6.62.0Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-hatchling: upgrade 1.12.1 -> 1.12.2Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-dbusmock: upgrade 0.28.6 -> 0.28.7Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-cython: upgrade 0.29.32 -> 0.29.33Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16patchelf: upgrade 0.17.0 -> 0.17.2Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-setuptools: upgrade 65.6.3 -> 65.7.0Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16python3-alabaster: upgrade 0.7.12 -> 0.7.13Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16gi-docgen: upgrade 2022.2 -> 2023.1Wang Mingyu
2023-01-16ed: upgrade 1.18 -> 1.19Wang Mingyu