AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-04bitbake: siggen: Fix inefficient string concatenationEtienne Cordonnier
2023-02-04bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: show how use BB_LOGCONFIG to log warningsMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-04bitbake: bblayers/query: Adjust show-layers output layoutPedro Baptista
2023-02-04bitbake: bblayers/query: Replace layer directory name with layer name for sho...Pedro Baptista
2023-02-04oeqa/selftest/locales: Add test for disabled binary locale generationRichard Purdie
2023-02-04libc-locale: Fix on target locale generationRichard Purdie
2023-02-04perf: Enable debug/source packagingRichard Purdie
2023-02-04python3-pytest: Remove dependency on python3-tomlArnout Vandecappelle
2023-02-04scons.bbclass: Make MAXLINELENGTH overridableKhem Raj
2023-02-04uboot: add a loongarch64 entryXiaotian Wu
2023-02-04loongarch: disable seccomp from default featureXiaotian Wu
2023-02-04binutils: disable gold on loongarch64Xiaotian Wu
2023-02-04linux: add loongarch64 supportXiaotian Wu
2023-02-04base: add support for loongarch64Xiaotian Wu
2023-02-04python3-urllib3: upgrade 1.26.13 -> 1.26.14Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-wcwidth: upgrade 0.2.5 -> 0.2.6Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-pyopenssl: upgrade 22.1.0 -> 23.0.0Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp: 2.0.0 -> 2.0.1Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-sphinxcontrib-applehelp: 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-requests: upgrade 2.28.1 -> 2.28.2Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-zipp: upgrade 3.11.0 -> 3.12.0Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-pytz: upgrade 2022.7 -> 2022.7.1Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-iniconfig: upgrade 1.1.1 -> 2.0.0Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-poetry-core: upgrade 1.4.0 -> 1.5.0Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-hypothesis: upgrade 6.62.0 -> 6.66.0Tim Orling
2023-02-04python3-pytest: upgrade 7.2.0 -> 7.2.1Tim Orling
2023-02-04libtest-needs-perl: upgrade 0.002009 -> 0.002010Tim Orling
2023-02-03perf: Fix 6.1 kernel reproducibility issueRichard Purdie
2023-02-02testimage: Fix error message to reflect new syntaxAlejandro Hernandez Samaniego
2023-02-02sstate.bbclass: Fetch non-existing local .sig files if neededTobias Hagelborn
2023-02-02rust: Add `update_snapshot` task to generate ``Alex Kiernan
2023-02-02xinetd: move script to separate packageMartin Jansa
2023-02-02oeqa/selftest/locales: Add selftest for locale generation/presenceLouis Rannou
2023-02-02gnutls: add ptest supportRavineet Singh
2023-02-02python3-markupsafe: upgrade 2.1.1 -> 2.1.2Richard Purdie
2023-02-02apt: fix do_package_qa failureChangqing Li
2023-02-02meta: remove True option to getVar and getVarFlag calls (again)Martin Jansa
2023-02-02linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.91Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-02linux-yocto/6.1: update to v6.1.9Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-02linux-yocto/6.1: cfg: remove depreciated configsBruce Ashfield
2023-02-02linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.89Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-02linux-yocto/6.1: update to v6.1.7Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-01poky.conf: Switch to post release name/versionPeter Kjellerstedt
2023-02-01glslang: branch rename master -> mainMingli Yu
2023-02-01httpserver: add error handler that write to the loggerRoss Burton
2023-02-01oeqa/utils/httpserver: connect up the request loggingRoss Burton
2023-02-01sdkext/cases/devtool: pass a logger to HTTPServiceRoss Burton
2023-02-01openssl: fix CVE-2022-3996 double locking leads to denial of serviceVivek Kumbhar
2023-02-01git: ignore CVE-2022-41953Ross Burton
2023-02-01git: upgrade to 2.39.1Ross Burton