AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-15mesa: do not rely on native llvm-config in target sysrootAlexander Kanavin
2022-11-15bash: update 5.1.16 -> 5.2.9Alexander Kanavin
2022-11-15make: update 4.3 -> 4.4Alexander Kanavin
2022-11-15llvm: update 15.0.1 -> 15.0.4Alexander Kanavin
2022-11-15readline: update 8.1.2 -> 8.2Alexander Kanavin
2022-11-15glib-networking: update 2.72.2 -> 2.74.0Alexander Kanavin
2022-11-15glib-2.0: update 2.72.3 -> 2.74.1Alexander Kanavin
2022-11-15gettext: update 0.21 -> 0.21.1Alexander Kanavin
2022-11-15xwayland: upgrade 22.1.4 -> 22.1.5Wang Mingyu
2022-11-15wayland-protocols: upgrade 1.27 -> 1.28Wang Mingyu
2022-11-15libsoup: upgrade 3.2.1 -> 3.2.2Wang Mingyu
2022-11-15iso-codes: upgrade 4.11.0 -> 4.12.0Wang Mingyu
2022-11-15babeltrace: upgrade 1.5.8 -> 1.5.11Wang Mingyu
2022-11-15meta-selftest/staticids: add render group for systemdPeter Marko
2022-11-15systemd: add group render to udev packagePeter Marko
2022-11-14bitbake: toaster: Add refreshed oe-core and poky fixturesTim Orling
2022-11-14bitbake: toaster: fixtures/ update branchesTim Orling
2022-11-14bitbake: toaster: fixtures/README: django 1.8 -> 3.2Tim Orling
2022-11-14bitbake: process_submodules(): Set nobranch=1 for urlRobert Yang
2022-11-14bitbake: gitsm: Fix regression in gitsm submodule path parsingPavel Zhukov
2022-11-14bitbake: data/data_smart/build: Clean up datastore finalize/update_data refer...Richard Purdie
2022-11-14sysstat: upgrade 12.6.0 -> 12.6.1Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14sudo: upgrade 1.9.12 -> 1.9.12p1Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14sed: update 4.8 -> 4.9Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14python3-wheel: upgrade 0.38.0 -> 0.38.4Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14python3-subunit: upgrade 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14python3-sphinx-rtd-theme: upgrade 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14python3-setuptools: upgrade 65.5.0 -> 65.5.1Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14python3-psutil: upgrade 5.9.3 -> 5.9.4Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14python3-pip: update 22.3 -> 22.3.1Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14python3-flit-core: upgrade 3.7.1 -> 3.8.0Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14python3-dtschema: upgrade 2022.9 -> 2022.11Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14mesa: upgrade 22.2.2 -> 22.2.3Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14libsdl2: upgrade 2.24.1 -> 2.24.2Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14mobile-broadband-provider-info: upgrade 20220725 -> 20221107Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14mmc-utils: upgrade to latest revisionWang Mingyu
2022-11-14libdrm: upgrade 2.4.113 -> 2.4.114Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14gi-docgen: upgrade 2022.1 -> 2022.2Wang Mingyu
2022-11-14vulkan-loader: Allow headless targets to build the loaderJordan Crouse
2022-11-14spirv-tools: Correctly set the prefix in exported cmake packagesJordan Crouse
2022-11-14repo: upgrade 2.29.5 -> 2.29.9Changhyeok Bae
2022-11-14sanity: Drop data finalize callRichard Purdie
2022-11-14sstate: Allow optimisation of do_deploy_archives task dependenciesJose Quaresma
2022-11-14rm_work: exclude the SSTATETASKS from the rm_work tasks sinatureJose Quaresma
2022-11-14sstatesig: skip the rm_work task signatureJose Quaresma
2022-11-14gpgme: Allow setuptools3-base to be excluded from the inherit listDavid Bagonyi
2022-11-14scripts: convert-overrides: Allow command-line customizationsJoshua Watt
2022-11-11libxext: update 1.3.4 -> 1.3.5Alexander Kanavin
2022-11-11systemd: update 251.4 -> 251.8Alexander Kanavin
2022-11-11meson: update 0.63.3 -> 0.64.0Alexander Kanavin