AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-28bitbake: tests/fetch: add test for fetching shallow revsChristopher Larson
2019-10-28bitbake: fetch2/git: fetch shallow revs when neededChristopher Larson
2019-10-28bitbake: bitbake: ConfHandler: Use with to manage filehandle lifetimeOla x Nilsson
2019-10-28bitbake: bitbake: prserv/serv: Use with while reading pidfileOla x Nilsson
2019-10-28bitbake: bitbake: contrib/vim: Modify Python indentation to work with 'python...Chris Laplante via bitbake-devel
2019-10-28bitbake: bitbake: contrib/vim: initial commit, with unmodified code from inde...Chris Laplante via bitbake-devel
2019-10-28qemu: Avoid potential build configuration contaminationRichard Purdie
2019-10-28gcc: Remove stale gcc 8 patchfileAdrian Bunk
2019-10-28nspr: Upgrade 4.21 -> 4.23Adrian Bunk
2019-10-28stress-ng: Upgrade 0.10.00 -> 0.10.08Adrian Bunk
2019-10-28screen: Upgrade 4.6.2 -> 4.7.0Adrian Bunk
2019-10-28squashfs-tools: Upgrade to 4.4Adrian Bunk
2019-10-28nfs-utils: Improve handling when no exported fileysystemsRichard Purdie
2019-10-28python: fix CVE-2019-16935Chen Qi
2019-10-28python3: fix CVE-2019-16935Chen Qi
2019-10-28unfs3: fixed the issue that unfsd consumes 100% CPUHaiqing Bai
2019-10-28bind: fix CVE-2019-6471 and CVE-2018-5743Kai Kang
2019-10-28buildhistory-analysis: filter out -src changes by defaultRoss Burton
2019-10-28meta: add missing description in recipes-gnomeMaxime Roussin-Bélanger
2019-10-28meta: update and add missing homepage/bugtracker linksMaxime Roussin-Bélanger
2019-10-28gsettings-desktop-schemas: upgrade 3.32.0 -> 3.34.0Andreas Müller
2019-10-23ref-manual, dev-manual: Added CMake toolchain files.Scott Rifenbark
2019-10-23ref-manual: Updated the BUSYBOX_SPLIT_SUID variable.Scott Rifenbark
2019-10-23ref-manual, dev-manual: Clean up of a commitScott Rifenbark
2019-10-23ref-manual: Removed deprecated link to ref-classes-bluetoothScott Rifenbark
2019-10-23documenation: Changed "2.8" to "3.0".Scott Rifenbark
2019-10-23ref-manual: 2nd pass 3.0 migrationScott Rifenbark
2019-10-23dev-manual: Added info to "Selecting an Initialization Manager"Scott Rifenbark
2019-10-23poky.ent: Updated the release date to October 2019Scott Rifenbark
2019-10-23ref-manual: First pass of 2.8 migration changes (WIP)Scott Rifenbark
2019-10-23connman: mark connman-wait-online as SYSTEMD_PACKAGEAndré Draszik
2019-10-23kernel-devicetree: Cope with non-standard kernel deploy subdirectoryMike Crowe
2019-10-23kernel-fitimage: Cope with non-standard kernel deploy subdirectoryMike Crowe
2019-10-23wic/engine: use 'linux-swap' for swap file systemChee Yang Lee
2019-10-23wic/help: change 'wic write' help descriptionChee Yang Lee
2019-10-23go: fix CVE-2019-16276Chen Qi
2019-10-23adwaita-icon-theme: upgrade 3.32.0 -> 3.34.0Andreas Müller
2019-10-23sudo: fix CVE-2019-14287Changqing Li
2019-10-23meson: Backport fix to assist meta-oe breakageRichard Purdie
2019-10-23libcap-ng:upgrade 0.7.9 -> 0.7.10Zang Ruochen
2019-10-23util-linux: fix PKNAME name is NULL when use lsblk [LIN1019-2963]Liwei Song
2019-10-23python-setuptools:upgrade 41.2.0 -> 41.4.0Zang Ruochen
2019-10-23python3-pip:upgrade 19.2.3 -> 19.3.1Zang Ruochen
2019-10-23oeqa/runtime/ ignore more files when loading controllersAndré Draszik
2019-10-23libc-package.bbclass: Use with to manage filehandle in do_spit_gconvsOla x Nilsson
2019-10-23devtool-source.bbclass: Use with to manage file handle lifetimeOla x Nilsson
2019-10-23package.bbclass: Use with to manage file handle lifetimesOla x Nilsson
2019-10-23report-error.bbclass: Use with to control file handle lifetimeOla x Nilsson
2019-10-23lib/oe/package_manager: Use with to control file handle lifetimeOla x Nilsson
2019-10-23lib/oe/packagedata: Use with to control file handle lifetimeOla x Nilsson