AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-28systemd-systemctl: Create machine-id with "uninitialized" text in itMarek Vasut
2023-02-28oeqa/selftest/resulttool: add test for metadata filtering on regressionAlexis Lothoré
2023-02-28scripts/yoct_testresults_query: manage base/target revision not foundAlexis Lothoré
2023-02-28glibc: remove obsolete CVE ignoresRoss Burton
2023-02-28glibc: add ignore for CVE-2023-25139Ross Burton
2023-02-28cve-extra-exclusions: ignore inapplicable linux-yocto CVEsGeoffrey GIRY
2023-02-28VOLATILE_TMP_DIR: addTrevor Woerner
2023-02-27quilt: run tests as ptest user, and let that user write into the testsRoss Burton
2023-02-27meta-selftest/files: add ptest to static-passwd/-groupRoss Burton
2023-02-27ptest-runner: add non-root ptest user for tests to run asRoss Burton
2023-02-27scripts/runqemu: move render nodes check to runqemu from selftestAlexander Kanavin
2023-02-27selftest: do not check for dri.pc in the headless testAlexander Kanavin
2023-02-27build-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionRichard Purdie
2023-02-26resulttool/regression: Improve matching of poor ptest test names4.2_M3Richard Purdie
2023-02-26resulttool/regression: Ensure LTP results are only compared against other LTP...Richard Purdie
2023-02-26oeqa/selftest: add test for yocto_testresults_query.pyAlexis Lothoré
2023-02-26scripts: add new helper for regression report generationAlexis Lothoré
2023-02-26scripts/resulttool/regression: add metadata filtering for oeselftestAlexis Lothoré
2023-02-26scripts/resulttool/regression: remove unused importAlexis Lothoré
2023-02-26scripts/oe-selftest: append metadata to tests resultsAlexis Lothoré
2023-02-26bitbake: documentation: bitbake: add file-checksums to varflags sectionRichard Elberger
2023-02-26bitbake: fetch/npmsw: add more short forms for git operationsMark Asselstine
2023-02-26bitbake: gitsm: Fix path construction for relative submodule URIMike Crowe
2023-02-26bitbake: utils: Use internal fetcher function to avoid duplicationRichard Purdie
2023-02-26bitbake: fetch2/wget: Drop unused importRichard Purdie
2023-02-26bitbake: fetch2: Add GIT_CACHE_PATH and SSL_CERT_DIR into FETCH_EXPORT_VARSCaner Altinbasak
2023-02-26oeqa/selftest/wic: Add test for uefi-kernel loaderPavel Zhukov
2023-02-26wic: Fix populating of IMAGE_EFI_BOOT_FILES with uefi-kernelPavel Zhukov
2023-02-26systemd: add group sgx to udev packagePeter Marko
2023-02-26musl: Update to tip of trunkKhem Raj
2023-02-26systemd: add user for systemd-oomd if enabledLuca Boccassi
2023-02-26ffmpeg: fix build failure when vulkan is enabledDmitry Baryshkov
2023-02-26docbook-xml: Switch from debian packages to upstream docbook sourcesRichard Elberger
2023-02-25gcr: correctly configure vala against introspection dataAlexander Kanavin
2023-02-24checklayer: check for patch file upstream statusChee Yang Lee
2023-02-24icecc: enable the network only when ICECC_DISABLED is not setJose Quaresma
2023-02-24build-appliance-image: fix HOMEPAGETrevor Woerner
2023-02-24dev-manual: new-recipe.rst: add references to subsections in Examples sectionMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24dev-manual: new-recipe.rst: add Meson example recipeMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24ref-manual: system-requirements.rst: update supported distrosMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24manuals: document COMMERCIAL_[AUDIO|VIDEO]_PLUGINS variablesMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24ref-manual: update DEV_PKG_DEPENDENCY in variablesFawzi KHABER
2023-02-24dev-manual: sbom.rst: add link to FOSDEM 2023 videoMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24ref-manual: Fix invalid feature nameNiko Mauno
2023-02-24ref-manual: document meson class and variablesMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24ref-manual: classes.rst: improvements to cmake class documentationMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24dev-manual: new-recipe.rst: restructure examplesMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24ref-manual: classes.rst: add python-setuptools3_rust and python_pyo3 classesMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24manuals: update patchwork instance URLMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-24kernel-dev: harmonize example with ref-manualUlrich Ölmann