AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-21pulseaudio: fix client.conf locationTanu Kaskinen
2020-12-21pulseaudio: Fix build with clang for non-x86 targetKhem Raj
2020-12-21apr-util: Only specify --with-dbm=gdbm if gdbm support is enabledPeter Kjellerstedt
2020-12-21ltp: Fix ltp-pan crash on 32bit arches using 64bit time_tKhem Raj
2020-12-21oeqa/terminal : improve the test caseTeoh Jay Shen
2020-12-21man-db: Avoid reproducibility failures after fixing groff-nativeRichard Purdie
2020-12-21groff: Fix reproducibility issueRichard Purdie
2020-12-21cups: Mark CVE-2008-1033 as a non-issueRichard Purdie
2020-12-21cups: Mark CVE-2009-0032 as a non-issueRichard Purdie
2020-12-21oeqa/commands: Ensure sync can be found regardless of PATHRichard Purdie
2020-12-21grub: Add second fix for determinism issueRichard Purdie
2020-12-21spirv-tools: upgrade 2020.5 -> 2020.6Jose Quaresma
2020-12-21shaderc: upgrade 2020.3 -> 2020.4Jose Quaresma
2020-12-21u-boot-tools: Fix reproducibility issueRichard Purdie
2020-12-21bitbake: cooker: Include all packages a recipe provides in SkippedPackage.rpr...Peter Kjellerstedt
2020-12-21bitbake: cache: Make CoreRecipeInfo include rprovides_pkg for skipped recipesPeter Kjellerstedt
2020-12-20gcsections: add more suppressions for SDK buildsSinan Kaya
2020-12-20linux-firmware: package firmware for Lontium lt9611uxc bridgeDmitry Baryshkov
2020-12-20linux-firmware: upgrade 20201118 -> 20201218Dmitry Baryshkov
2020-12-20grub: Fix build reproducibility issueRichard Purdie
2020-12-20systemd: Ensure uid/gid ranges are set deterministicallyRichard Purdie switch true/enabled false/disabledTrevor Woerner
2020-12-20busybox: Sync rcS.default with sysvinitKhem Raj
2020-12-20initscripts: Use initctl on sysvinit onlyKhem Raj
2020-12-20rcS: Define identifier for init system usedKhem Raj
2020-12-20busybox: Run mdev as daemonKhem Raj
2020-12-20busybox: Install /etc/default/rcS when used as init systemKhem Raj
2020-12-20initscripts: use quotes for shell variable comparisionKhem Raj
2020-12-20lib/oe/qa: handle the 'no specific instruction set' ELF e_machine valueRoss Burton
2020-12-20systemd: add RRECOMMENDS for weak dependencies, if enabledLuca Boccassi
2020-12-20systemd: set -Dmode=release as recommended by NEWSLuca Boccassi
2020-12-20systemd: ship new systemd-dissect in -extra-utilsLuca Boccassi
2020-12-20systemd: add package config for systemd-oomdLuca Boccassi
2020-12-20systemd: update 246 -> 247Luca Boccassi
2020-12-20opkg: upgrade to version 0.4.4Alex Stewart
2020-12-20glibc: Make adjtime() for 32 bit support being called with delta == NULLPeter Kjellerstedt
2020-12-20oe-selftest: fitimage: add test for signing FIT imagesPaul Eggleton
2020-12-20oe-selftest: fitimage: Test for FIT_DESCPaul Eggleton
2020-12-20oe-selftest: move FIT image tests to their own modulePaul Eggleton
2020-12-20classes/kernel-fitimage: add ability to sign individual imagesLuca Boccassi
2020-12-20classes/kernel-fitimage: add ability to add additional signing optionsPaul Eggleton
2020-12-20classes/kernel-fitimage: allow substituting mkimage commandPaul Eggleton
2020-12-20classes/kernel-fitimage: make fitimage_emit_section_config more readableEaswar Hariharan
2020-12-20classes/kernel-fitimage: add variable for descriptionPaul Eggleton
2020-12-20pulseaudio: switch build system from Autotools to MesonTanu Kaskinen
2020-12-20pulseaudio: disable GConf supportTanu Kaskinen
2020-12-20pulseaudio: disable EsounD supportTanu Kaskinen
2020-12-20pulseaudio: Remove OE_LT_RPATH_ALLOWTanu Kaskinen
2020-12-20bitbake.conf: Prevent pyc file generation in pseudo contextPaul Barker
2020-12-20wic: Pass canonicalized paths in PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHSPeter Kjellerstedt