AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-16README.qemu: qemuppc64 is not supportedyocto-2.4rocko-18.0.0Randy MacLeod
2017-10-16bitbake.conf: Adds ipv6 to DISTRO_FEATURES_NATIVEAlejandro Hernandez
2017-10-16libxml2: use HTTP instead of FTP in SRC_URIRoss Burton
2017-10-16sqlite3: fix CVE-2017-13685Wenzong Fan
2017-10-16bitbake.conf: add ssh to HOSTTOOLS_NONFATALChen Qi
2017-10-16go: Export correct GO386 value for targetPaul Barker
2017-10-16goarch.bbclass: Define HOST_GO386 and TARGET_GO386Paul Barker
2017-10-16prelink: fix upstream version checkAlexander Kanavin
2017-10-16bash: add missing build dependencies for ptestRoss Burton
2017-10-16cmake: fix typo in toolchain fileØystein Walle
2017-10-16gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Add dependency on libdrm when wayland is enabledKhem Raj
2017-10-16musl: use a more specific fix for ARM thumb + frame pointersAndre McCurdy
2017-10-16perl: remove the reference of DEBUG_PREFIX_MAPJackie Huang
2017-10-16gcc: Backport fix for a segfault on riscvKhem Raj
2017-10-16devtool: standard: Expand SRCREV before using it in _update_recipe_srcrevPeter Kjellerstedt
2017-10-16own-mirrors.bbclass: allow other settings of PREMIRRORS have effectChen Qi
2017-10-16mesa: explictly add lib expat to intel libvulkan's lib dependsHongxu Jia
2017-10-16archiver: preserve sysroot paths in configured mode for multilibHongxu Jia
2017-10-16sstate.bbclass: provide an exception for useradd scenarioMaxin B. John
2017-10-16screen: fix configure failed while build dir contains "yes"Hongxu Jia
2017-10-16linux-firmware: make i.MX SDMA split completeMikko Ylinen
2017-10-16libgcrypt: Fix building on armv6Paul Barker
2017-10-16cross.bbclass: Remove usage of host flags for cross-compilationNikolay Merinov
2017-10-16dev-manual: Fixed bad linkScott Rifenbark
2017-10-16documentation: Updates to cull out buried YP Website references.Scott Rifenbark
2017-10-16kernel-dev: Fixed typo.Scott Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Updated the "Remote Toaster Monitoring" sectionKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Updated the "Configuring Toaster" sectionKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Updated "Remote Toaster Monitoring" chapterKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Created "Configuring Toaster" chapterKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Removed section "What Makes up a Release"Kristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Updated "Remote Toaster Monitoring" sectionKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Added new chapter "Remote Toaster Monitoring"Kristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Updated "Install Toaster Packages" sectionKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Updated "Use the Fixture Feature" sectionKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Removed toaster-command-loadconf sectionKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Added "Use the Fixture Feature" sectionKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Rewrite of the 'Pre-Configured Releases' sectionKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16toaster-manual: Rewrite of the 'Setting Up External Access' sectionKristi Rifenbark
2017-10-16dev-manual: Updated .mtoolsrc error instruction note.Scott Rifenbark
2017-10-16yocto-project-qs: Updated some links to work better from mega-manualScott Rifenbark
2017-10-16yocto-project-qs: Updated the "Next Steps" sectionScott Rifenbark
2017-10-16dev-manual: Added wic ls, rm, and cp exampleScott Rifenbark
2017-10-16ref-manual, dev-manual: Updated "Creating Partitioned Images" section title.Scott Rifenbark
2017-10-16dev-manual, ref-manual: Moved kickstart reference to ref-manualScott Rifenbark
2017-10-16ref-manual, dev-manual: Moved plug-in section for wic to ref-manualScott Rifenbark
2017-10-16ref-manual: Updated a cross-link to the creating partitioned images sectionScott Rifenbark
2017-10-16kernel-dev: Applied review feedbackScott Rifenbark
2017-10-16ref-manual: Updated the FILESEXTRAPATHS variableScott Rifenbark
2017-10-16dev-manual: Updated the plug-ins section.Scott Rifenbark