AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-06build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revisionyocto-2.0.3jethro-14.0.3Richard Purdie
2016-12-06poky.conf: Bump version for 2.0.3 jethro releaseRobert Yang
2016-12-06tzdata: update to 2016iArmin Kuster
2016-12-06tzcode: update to 2016iArmin Kuster
2016-12-06tzdata: Update to 2016hArmin Kuster
2016-12-06tzcode-native: update to 2016hArmin Kuster
2016-12-06python-2.7: Security fix CVE-2016-1000110Armin Kuster
2016-12-06python-2.7: Security fix CVE-2016-5699Armin Kuster
2016-12-06python-2.7: Security fix CVE-2016-5636Armin Kuster
2016-12-06python-2.7: Security fix CVE-2016-0772Armin Kuster
2016-12-06openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-8610Armin Kuster
2016-12-06openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-2179Armin Kuster
2016-12-06bind: Security fix CVE-2016-2776Armin Kuster
2016-12-06bind: Security fix CVE-2016-2775Armin Kuster
2016-12-06gnutils: Security fix CVE-2016-7444Armin Kuster
2016-11-23documentation: Updated Manual History tables for 2.0.3Scott Rifenbark
2016-11-16dev-manual: Fixed typo for "${INC_PR}.0"Scott Rifenbark
2016-11-16documentation: Updates to support 2.0.3 release in JethroScott Rifenbark
2016-11-03gnupg: fix find-version for beta checkingWenzong Fan
2016-10-06perl: fix CVE-2016-1238Mingli Yu
2016-10-06perl: fix CVE-2015-8607Mingli Yu
2016-10-06perl: fix CVE-2016-6185Mingli Yu
2016-10-06perl: fix CVE-2016-2381Kai Kang
2016-10-06tzdata: update to 2016gArmin Kuster
2016-10-06tzcode-native: Update to 2016gArmin Kuster
2016-10-06tzcode-native: update to 2016fArmin Kuster
2016-10-06tzdata: update to 2016fArmin Kuster
2016-10-06openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-6306Armin Kuster
2016-10-06openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-6304Armin Kuster
2016-10-06openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-6303Armin Kuster
2016-10-06openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-6302Armin Kuster
2016-10-06openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-2182Armin Kuster
2016-10-06openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-2181Armin Kuster
2016-10-06openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-2180Armin Kuster fix disk_sizeRobert Yang
2016-09-23util-linux: Security fix for CVE-2016-5011Armin Kuster
2016-09-23qemu: Secuirty fix for CVE-2016-5403Armin Kuster
2016-09-23qemu: Security fix for CVE-2016-4002Armin Kuster
2016-09-23qemu: Security fix CVE-2016-6351Armin Kuster
2016-09-23qemu: Security fix CVE-2016-4439Armin Kuster
2016-09-23qemu: Security Fix CVE-2016-3712Armin Kuster
2016-09-23qemu: Security Fix CVE-2016-3710Armin Kuster
2016-09-23wget: Security fix CVE-2016-4971Armin Kuster
2016-09-23openssh: Security fix CVE-2015-8325Armin Kuster
2016-09-23openssh: Security fix CVE-2016-5615Armin Kuster
2016-09-23openssh: Security fix CVE-2016-6210Armin Kuster
2016-09-23git: Security fix CVE-2016-2315 CVE-2016-2324Armin Kuster
2016-09-23bind: Security fix CVE-2016-2088Armin Kuster
2016-09-23tiff: Security fix CVE-2016-5323Yi Zhao
2016-09-23tiff: Security fix CVE-2016-5321Yi Zhao