AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-03build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revisionyocto-2.0jethro-14.0.0Richard Purdie
2015-11-03meta-yocto/distro: Updated SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS.Lucian Musat
2015-11-03meta-yocto/distro: Updated SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS.Lucian Musat
2015-11-02build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revisionRichard Purdie
2015-11-02unzip: CVE-2015-7696, CVE-2015-7697Tudor Florea
2015-11-02vte: fix DoS from malicious escape sequence (CVE-2012-2738)Ross Burton
2015-10-29build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revisionRichard Purdie
2015-10-29linux-yocto_4.1: Update SRCREV for genericx86*Saul Wold
2015-10-29glibc: Allow 64 bit atomics for x86Juro Bystricky
2015-10-29local.conf.sample: Disable image-prelink by defaultMark Hatle
2015-10-29ref-manual: Applied a correction to the GCC 5 migration 2.0 section.Scott Rifenbark
2015-10-29ref-manual: Updated ADT Installer ExtrasJuro Bystricky
2015-10-29kernel-dev: Added cross-reference to .config informationScott Rifenbark
2015-10-29ref-manual: Applied review updates to 2.0 migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2015-10-29bitbake: toasterui: Create per-build logsElliot Smith
2015-10-29bitbake: build/utils: Add BB_TASK_IONICE_LEVEL supportRichard Purdie
2015-10-29bitbake: cooker: Ensure BB_CONSOLE remains correct over server resetsRichard Purdie
2015-10-29bitbake: bb/ui: Use getSetVariable command for BB_CONSOLELOGRichard Purdie
2015-10-29bitbake: command: Add getSetVariable commandRichard Purdie
2015-10-29bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Added new description for BB_TASK_IONICE_LEVELScott Rifenbark
2015-10-29bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Added BBTARGETS variable description.Scott Rifenbark
2015-10-29bitbake: toaster: templates Add meaningful title tagsBelen Barros Pena
2015-10-29perl: Remove errornous extra path-specs for Module::Build based modulesJens Rehsack
2015-10-29perl: Correct path for vendorlib, vendorarch, sitelib and sitearchJens Rehsack
2015-10-29perl: fix Perl5 module buildsJens Rehsack
2015-10-29runqemu-export-rootfs: update location of unfsd binaryMaxin B. John
2015-10-29gtk-icon-cache: pass the native libdir to the interceptRoss Burton
2015-10-29connman: Move wired-setup to ${datadir}Jussi Kukkonen
2015-10-29useradd-staticids.bbclass: Do not require trailing colonsPeter Kjellerstedt
2015-10-27toaster manual: Updated the set up and use chapterScott Rifenbark
2015-10-27ref-manual: Updates to the 1.8 to 2.0 Migration section.Scott Rifenbark
2015-10-27toaster-manual: Added new Toaster functionality descriptions.Scott Rifenbark
2015-10-27ref-manual: Updated the rootfs*.bbclass description.Scott Rifenbark
2015-10-27bitbake: toaster: orm Fix restrictive LogMessage message lengthMichael Wood
2015-10-27bitbake: toaster: Remove all navigation when not in build modeElliot Smith
2015-10-27bitbake: toaster: Run tests in build modeElliot Smith
2015-10-27bitbake: toaster: Hide builds for non-cli projects in analysis modeElliot Smith
2015-10-27bitbake: toaster: Hide top bar buttons in analysis modeElliot Smith
2015-10-27bitbake: toaster: Show mode-appropriate landing pageElliot Smith
2015-10-27bitbake: toaster: Add BUILD_MODE flag to contextElliot Smith
2015-10-27bitbake: toaster: add get_or_create_targets APIEd Bartosh
2015-10-27bitbake: fetcher: svn: Add support for checkout to a custom pathJens Rehsack
2015-10-27bitbake: cooker: preserve pre and post configsEd Bartosh
2015-10-27oeqa/utils/decorators: fix missing keyword arguments on decoratorsPaul Eggleton
2015-10-27classes/gtk-icon-cache: don't pass STAGING_LIBDIR_NATIVE to interceptsRoss Burton
2015-10-27intercepts/update_icon_cache: use STAGING_DIR_NATIVE from environmentRoss Burton
2015-10-27lib/oe/rootfs: tell intercepts where the native sysroot isRoss Burton
2015-10-27subversion: add explicit dependency on file-replacement-native for native buildsRoss Burton
2015-10-27rpm: add explicit dependency on file-replacement-native for native buildsRoss Burton
2015-10-27file: don't replace host file when built nativelyRoss Burton