AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-10ref-manual: Corrected the "package_rpm.bbclass" section.Scott Rifenbark
2015-03-28Revert "file: Update CVE patch to ensure file gets built correctly"Richard Purdie
2015-03-28file: Update CVE patch to ensure file gets built correctlyRichard Purdie
2015-03-27liburcu: revert ARM GCC blacklist commitJonathan Liu
2015-03-27systemd: fix /var/log/journal ownershipJonathan Liu
2015-03-26udev: don't keep ptest testdata laying aroundMax Krummenacher
2015-03-26udev: fix ptest rule syntax checkMax Krummenacher
2015-03-25openssl: Upgrade to 1.0.1mBrendan Le Foll
2015-03-25busybox: libarchive: open_zipped() does not need to check extensionsAndre McCurdy
2015-03-25busybox: lzop: add overflow check (CVE-2014-4607)Andre McCurdy
2015-03-10documenation: Updates to release month for rev history tables.Scott Rifenbark
2015-03-10documentation: Preparation for 1.7.2 release.Scott Rifenbark
2015-03-03lib/oe/package_manager: support exclusion from complementary glob process by ...Paul Eggleton
2015-03-03utils.bbclass: fix create_cmdline_wrapperJavier Viguera
2015-02-17ref-manual: Fixed icecc example codeScott Rifenbark
2015-02-17documentation: Reverted back to the 1.76.1 XSL stylesheetScott Rifenbark
2015-02-17ref-manual, dev-manual, adt-manual, yocto-project-qs: scrub eglibcScott Rifenbark
2015-02-17ref-manual: scrubbed eglibcScott Rifenbark
2015-02-17poky.ent: Updated two variables that had issuesScott Rifenbark
2015-02-13toaster.bbclass: use the openembedded-core nameAlexandru DAMIAN
2015-02-11groff: fix QA issue with rdependsArmin Kuster
2015-02-11systemd: Backports fixes to 216Khem Raj
2015-02-11busybox: cve-2014-9645Armin Kuster
2015-02-11scripts/send-error-report: Set exit code if error occursRichard Purdie
2015-02-11security_flags: disable PIE on expectRoss Burton CVE-2014-9447 fixLi xin
2015-02-11python: Disables SSLv3Sona Sarmadi
2015-02-11tzdata: update to 2015a including leap secondArmin Kuster
2015-02-11tzcode: update to 2015a leap second changes tooArmin Kuster
2015-02-11python: remove spurious nativesdk dependencyRoss Burton
2015-02-11python: ensure all of Python is installed in nativesdkRoss Burton
2015-02-11xorg-app: add x11 to required DISTRO_FEATURES and cleanup dependenciesMartin Jansa
2015-02-11packagegroup-self-hosted: package all of PythonPaul Gortmaker
2015-02-11python-smartpm: Fix attemptonly builds when file conflicts occurMark Hatle
2015-02-11image_types.bbclass: manage 'cpio_append' directoryEnrico Scholz
2015-02-11package.bbclass: Let PR server update PKGV, not PVMike Looijmans
2015-02-11package/prserv: Merge two similar functions into oneRichard Purdie
2015-02-11net-tools: Fix rerunning of do_patch taskRichard Purdie
2015-02-11image_types.bbclass: fixed 'init' creation for cpio imagesEnrico Scholz
2015-02-11gcc/ Add missing 'fakeroot' to two tasksMark Hatle
2015-02-11distcc: fix initscript can not stop distcc daemon correctlyHongxu Jia
2015-02-11bind: fix typo chown->chmodTing Liu
2015-02-11lib/oe/package: Ensure strip breaks hardlinksRichard Purdie
2015-02-11fix '[[: not found' error message using dashVincent GĂ©nieux
2015-02-11oeqa/utils/decorators: Try and improve ugly _ErrorHandler tracebacksRichard Purdie
2015-02-11perf: fix for rebuildingRobert Yang
2015-02-11boost: Avoid to use local host configurationFabien Proriol
2015-02-11gcc: ensure target gcc headers can be includedPaul Eggleton
2015-02-11glibc: CVE-2014-9402 endless loop in getaddr_rArmin Kuster
2015-02-11perl: Backport fix for bug #123591Gary Thomas