AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-20dev-manual: Updated the "Making Images More Secure" section.yocto-1.6.2daisy-11.0.2Scott Rifenbark
2014-11-08profile-manual: Updates to the LTTng Documentation section.Scott Rifenbark
2014-11-06build-appliance-image: Update to daisy head revisionRichard Purdie
2014-11-06readline: Patch for readline multikey dispatch issueSaul Wold
2014-11-06wget: Fix for CVE-2014-4887Saul Wold
2014-11-06libarchive: avoid dependency on e2fsprogsPaul Eggleton
2014-11-06python: force off_t size to 8 to enable large file supportPaul Eggleton
2014-11-06openssh: avoid screen sessions being killed on disconnect with systemdPaul Eggleton
2014-11-05build-appliance-image: Update to daisy head revisionRichard Purdie
2014-11-05curl: Security Advisory - curl - CVE-2014-3620Chong Lu
2014-11-05curl: Security Advisory - curl - CVE-2014-3613Chong Lu Clean up backport of version update to 1.6.2Saul Wold
2014-11-04poky.conf: Bump DISTRO_VERISON for 1.6.2Saul Wold
2014-11-04yocto-bsp: Update qemu inclusion listsRichard Purdie
2014-11-04ltp: Added zip-native as a DEPENDSAlejandro Hernandez
2014-11-04pseudo*.bb: update to pseudo 1.6.2Peter Seebach
2014-10-31poky-ent: Updated the YOCTO_RELEASE_NOTES variable.Scott Rifenbark
2014-10-28documentation: Added "November 2014" to manual history lists.Scott Rifenbark
2014-10-23gnupg: CVE-2013-4242Kai Kang
2014-10-23openssl: Upgrade to 1.0.1jSaul Wold
2014-10-23gst-ffmpeg: Security Advisory - ffmpeg - CVE-2013-0869Yue Tao
2014-10-23gst-ffmpeg: Security Advisory - ffmpeg - CVE-2013-4358Yue Tao
2014-10-23readline: Security Advisory - readline - CVE-2014-2524Kai Kang
2014-10-23openssl: upgrade to 1.0.1jRoss Burton
2014-10-23lttng-modules: Update to version 2.4.2Chang Rebecca Swee Fun
2014-10-10bash: Fix-for-CVE-2014-6278Catalin Popeanga
2014-10-10bash: Fix for CVE-2014-6277Catalin Popeanga
2014-10-10bash: Fix for CVE-2014-7186 and CVE-2014-7187Catalin Popeanga
2014-10-10bash: Fix for exported function namespace changeCatalin Popeanga
2014-10-10perl: fix for CVE-2010-4777yanjun.zhu
2014-10-10libpam: Security Advisory - CVE-2014-2583Yue Tao
2014-10-10libtiff: Security Advisory - CVE-2012-4564Yue Tao
2014-10-10dpkg: Security Advisory - CVE-2014-3127Guillem Jover
2014-10-10dpkg: Security Advisory - CVE-2014-0471Guillem Jover
2014-10-10gst-ffmpeg: Add CVE patchesYue Tao
2014-10-10nspr: Fix for CVE-2014-1545Xufeng Zhang
2014-10-10pulseaudio: fix CVE-2014-3970Shan Hai
2014-10-10nss: CVE-2014-1544Li Wang
2014-10-10libtiff: fix CVE-2013-1961Muzaffar Mahmood
2014-10-10adt-installer: fix sed input file errorChong Lu
2014-10-10binutils: Add fix for recent patch on older gccRichard Purdie
2014-10-09libxml2: fix python packaging for nativesdkPaul Eggleton
2014-09-29layer.conf: Mark opkg-utils as ABISAFE for update-alternatives usageSteffen Sledz
2014-09-29update-rc.d/systemd: Remove OVERRIDES dependencySteffen Sledz
2014-09-29layer.conf: Add in useradd dependencies as ABISAFE dependenciesSteffen Sledz
2014-09-29bash: Fix CVE-2014-7169Khem Raj
2014-09-29bash: fix CVE-2014-6271Ross Burton
2014-09-29eglibc: CVE-2014-5119 fixArmin Kuster
2014-09-29nss-3.15.1: fix CVE-2013-1739yzhu1
2014-09-29nss: CVE-2013-5606Li Wang