AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-08-16poky.conf: update version for 1.4.2 releaseyocto-1.4.2.rc1yocto-1.4.2yocot-1.4.2dylan-9.0.2.rc1dylan-9.0.2Paul Eggleton
2013-08-16mesa: inherit gettextMartin Jansa
2013-08-16weston: backport patch for libunwind configure option and disable itMartin Jansa
2013-08-16gettext: disable nls when INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS is setMartin Jansa
2013-08-16gst-plugins-good: add PACKAGECONFIG for jpeg, wavpack, gdkpixbuf, v4l, bzip2,...Martin Jansa
2013-08-16sudo: add PACKAGECONFIG for zlibMartin Jansa
2013-08-16socat: add PACKAGECONFIG for tcp-wrappersMartin Jansa
2013-08-16python-imaging: add PACKAGECONFIG for lcmsMartin Jansa
2013-08-16patch: add PACKAGECONFIG for attrMartin Jansa
2013-08-16ltp: add acl, openssl dependencyMartin Jansa
2013-08-16minicom: add configure option and PACKAGECONFIG for lockdevMartin Jansa
2013-08-16mailx: remove support for autodetection of krb5Martin Jansa
2013-08-16grub: add PACKAGECONFIG for grub-mountMartin Jansa
2013-08-16distcc: add PACKAGECONFIG for poptMartin Jansa
2013-08-16directfb: add PACKAGECONFIG for jpeg2000Martin Jansa
2013-08-16cups: add PACKAGECONFIG for aclMartin Jansa
2013-08-16ccache: add zlib dependencyMartin Jansa
2013-08-16xkeyboard-config: add missing dependency on util-macrosMartin Jansa
2013-08-16quota: obey 'tcp-wrappers' PACKAGECONFIGChristopher Larson
2013-08-16gst-plugins-bad: add few more PACKAGECONFIGsMartin Jansa
2013-08-16gcc: add build directory to include directoriesRoy.Li
2013-08-16gst-plugins-bad: element selection rationalisationRoss Burton
2013-08-16bdwgc-native: Add missing pkgconfig DEPENDSRichard Purdie
2013-08-16libarchive: Fix build dependenciesMark Hatle
2013-08-16wget: Add missing DEPENDS on zlibHongxu Jia
2013-08-16eglibc-locale: add missing dependency on virtual/${TARGET_PREFIX}binutilsMartin Jansa
2013-08-16systemtap: inherit pkgconfigMartin Jansa
2013-08-16libpam: inherit pkgconfigMartin Jansa
2013-08-16quota: inherit pkgconfigMartin Jansa
2013-08-16taglib: add missing dependency on zlibMartin Jansa
2013-08-16gst-plugins-base: add missing dependency on glib-2.0-nativeMartin Jansa
2013-08-16gst-plugins-bad: inherit gsettingsMartin Jansa
2013-08-16(lib)telepathy*: add missing dependency on libxslt-nativeMartin Jansa
2013-08-16gst-plugins-gl: add explicit dependency on libpngEric Nelson
2013-08-16dpkg: fix include header caused compile errorKai Kang
2013-08-16groff: Add GPLv2 versionSaul Wold
2013-08-16groff: Fix License to be GPLv3Saul Wold
2013-08-16grub_0.97: Fix to correctly ship files under /usr/libChen Qi
2013-08-16classes/terminal: fix pseudo exiting when launching devshellPaul Eggleton
2013-08-13yocto-project-qs: Fixed path typo for a download.Scott Rifenbark
2013-08-13dev-manual, bsp-guide: Updates for init-ifupdown change.Scott Rifenbark
2013-08-13documentation: Manual Revision History Table updates.Scott Rifenbark
2013-08-13poky-ent: Updates for 1.4.2 releaseScott Rifenbark
2013-08-13tools: Updated mega-manual.sed to deal with 1.4.2Scott Rifenbark
2013-08-12grub: disable floating ncurses dependency for GPLv2 versionPaul Eggleton
2013-08-12classes/sanity: check for suid root command evilityPaul Eggleton
2013-08-12packagegroup-core-tools-testapps: isolate x11 dependent toolsRogerio Nunes
2013-08-12u-boot: state the MACHINE when skipping u-bootRoss Burton
2013-08-12shadow: Fix build when DISTRO_FEATURES contains pam, libc-cryptRichard Tollerton instruct user to check local.confLaurentiu Palcu