AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-15local.conf.sample.extended: Drop obsolete rpc and libnsluninative-2.0Khem Raj
2018-05-15patchreview: don't disable malformed SoB checkRoss Burton
2018-05-15gtk+: fix patch headersRoss Burton
2018-05-15swig: fix patch headersRoss Burton
2018-05-15musl-utils: monitor commits for upstream trackingRoss Burton
2018-05-15uninative-tarball: Add libjis and euc-jp gconv filesKhem Raj
2018-05-15libxcrypt: Fix build with gcc8Khem Raj
2018-05-15gcc-sanitizers: Package new liblsan objects built with gcc8Khem Raj
2018-05-15boost: add contract libMingli Yu
2018-05-15sysstat: upgrade to 11.7.3Chen Qi
2018-05-15gawk: upgrade to 4.2.1Chen Qi
2018-05-15strace: remove -fno-omit-frame-pointer from DEBUG_OPTIMIZATION when ptest is ...Martin Jansa
2018-05-15sudo: upgrade to 1.8.23Chen Qi
2018-05-15matchbox-session-sato: Make the battery applet depend on machine featuresEran Matityahu
2018-05-15devtool/upgrade: fix the order of license checksum representationChen Qi
2018-05-15kexec-tools: Set -fno-PIC on aarch64Mingli Yu
2018-05-15native.bbclass: drop _virtclass-native and _virtclass-nativesdk overridesAndre McCurdy drop obsolete commentAndre McCurdy
2018-05-15rpm: move ASNEEDED over-ride into the rpm recipeAndre McCurdy
2018-05-15puzzles: move ASNEEDED over-ride into the puzzles recipeAndre McCurdy
2018-05-15pciutils: move ASNEEDED over-ride into the pciutils recipeAndre McCurdy
2018-05-15icu: move ASNEEDED over-ride into icu.incAndre McCurdy
2018-05-15distcc: move ASNEEDED over-ride into the distcc recipeAndre McCurdy
2018-05-15console-tools: move ASNEEDED over-ride into the console-tools recipeAndre McCurdy
2018-05-15babeltrace: move ASNEEDED over-ride into the babeltrace recipeAndre McCurdy minor comment tweak to align with tune-core2.incAndre McCurdy
2018-05-15cve-check.bbclass: detect CVE IDs listed on multiple linesJon Szymaniak
2018-05-15pbzip2: fix upstream check URLRoss Burton
2018-05-15swig: Replace strncpy with memcpyKhem Raj
2018-05-15libgpg-error: Upgrade 1.28 -> 1.31Khem Raj
2018-05-15mdadm: Fix build with gcc8Khem Raj
2018-05-15go-native: use libdir_nativeDan McGregor
2018-05-15mesa: fix a build race in src/intel/vulkanRoss Burton
2018-05-15strace: Upgrade to 4.22Khem Raj
2018-05-15webkitgtk: Disable using GST_GL if gst does not enable itKhem Raj
2018-05-15alsa-lib: Upgrade to 1.1.6Khem Raj
2018-05-15alsa-tools: Update to 1.1.6Khem Raj
2018-05-15pbzip2: Fix C++11 warnings found with clangKhem Raj
2018-05-15oe-depends-dot: print dependency chains for '--why' optionChen Qi
2018-05-15gcc7: drop stray uClibc specific patchAndre McCurdy
2018-05-15xz: use update-alternativesAllen Wild
2018-05-15e2fsprogs: Complement update-alternatives scopeNiko Mauno
2018-05-15liburi-perl: upgrade 1.73 -> 1.74Tim Orling
2018-05-15tzdata: update to 2018eArmin Kuster
2018-05-15tzcode-native: updatet to 2018eArmin Kuster
2018-05-15sysvinit-inittab: do not use 'exit 1' to postpone to first bootAlexander Kanavin
2018-05-15gtk+: do not look into $HOME when looking for modulesAlexander Kanavin
2018-05-15devtool/ error out in case of downloading file failureChen Qi
2018-05-15security_flags: disable static PIE in glibcRoss Burton
2018-05-15runtime/dnf: Add new dnf test casesJose Perez Carranza