AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-12build-appliance-image: Update to pyro head revisionyocto-2.3.1pyro-17.0.1Richard Purdie
2017-07-12build-appliance: Set to pyro release branchRichard Purdie
2017-07-12build-appliance-image: Update to pyro head revisionRichard Purdie
2017-07-12yocto-project-qs: Updated exit QEMU instructions.Kristi Rifenbark
2017-07-12poky.conf: Bump version for 2.3.1 pyro releaseRichard Purdie
2017-07-12mkefidsk: fix bash/dash shell quoting problemSaul Wold
2017-07-07systemd-boot.bbclass: Add configuration data to secondary EFI partitionCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-07package_manager: flush installed_pkgs file before oe-pkgdata-util uses itMartin Jansa
2017-07-07u-boot-mkimage: fix nativesdk buildMax Krummenacher
2017-06-27Revert "bitbake.conf: Add sdl-config to HOSTTOOLS if using host SDL"Richard Purdie
2017-06-27bitbake: siggen: Make calc_taskhash match get_taskhash for file checksumsRichard Purdie
2017-06-27bitbake: fetch: fix handling of files with incorrect checksums from a premirrorJoshua Lock
2017-06-22ref-manual: uClibc Replaced by musl from Yocto 2.2Changhyeok Bae
2017-06-22dev-manual: Fixed a DocBook issue with formatting "bug-id"Scott Rifenbark
2017-06-22sdk-manual: Updated the note for building SDK InstallerScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22ref-manual: Updated LAYERRECOMMENDS variableScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22documentation: Prepared 2.3.1 release variables and datesScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22ref-manual: Updated PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS variableScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22ref-manual: Added warning to native.bbclass for naming conventionScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22ref-manual: Updated PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS variable descriptionScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22yocto-project-qs: Updated the YP Development Flow figureScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22dev-manual, sdk-manual: Fixed link to Eclipse sectionScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22dev-manual: Fixed broken link into the setting up Eclipse sectionScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22ref-manual: Added LAYERRECOMMENDS variable descriptionScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22ref-manual: Updated LAYERDEPENDS variable descriptionScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22ref-manual: Updated image-live.bbclass descriptionScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22ref-manual: Enhanced the glossary description for INHERITScott Rifenbark
2017-06-22ref-manual: Fixed typo for "Installation"Joshua Lock
2017-06-16package_ipk: Clean up Source entry in ipk packagesRichard Purdie
2017-06-14mkelfimage: Fix broken patch when building nativeSaul Wold
2017-06-14automake: Backport perl 5.22 fixMarek Vasut
2017-06-14bitbake.conf: Add sdl-config to HOSTTOOLS if using host SDLJonathan Liu
2017-06-12piglit: add patches for unbuildable surfaceless Mesa testDaniel Díaz
2017-06-12piglit: add patch for lack of gbm_bo_mapDaniel Díaz
2017-06-12piglit: depend on virtual/eglDaniel Díaz
2017-06-12image-vm: Avoid use of fold, tac and paste commands for DISK_SIGNATUREJonathan Liu
2017-06-11kernel: predefine KBUILD_BUILD_USER and KBUILD_BUILD_HOSTJoshua Lock
2017-06-05binutils: fix CVE-2017-7210Yuanjie Huang
2017-06-05binutils: fix CVE-2017-7209 in readelfYuanjie Huang
2017-06-05libxslt: Fix CVE-2017-5029Fan Xin
2017-06-05ghostscript: CVE-2016-7977, CVE-2016-7978, CVE-2016-7979, CVE-2017-9216Catalin Enache
2017-06-05ghostscript: CVE-2016-8602, CVE-2017-7975Catalin Enache
2017-06-05binutils: fix CVE-2017-6969 in readelfYuanjie Huang
2017-06-05rpcbind: Fix CVE-2017-8779Fan Xin
2017-06-05binutils: Fix CVE-2017-8392Fan Xin
2017-06-05cve-check.bbclass: make warning contain CVE IDsChen Qi
2017-06-05cve-check-tool: backport a patch to make CVE checking workChen Qi
2017-06-05oeqa/selftest: lock down Meson git revision for reliabilityRoss Burton
2017-05-30scriptutils: fix fetch_uri() to work with RSSPaul Eggleton
2017-05-27cryptodev-linux: update SRC_URIChang Rebecca Swee Fun