AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-04-28runqemu: Fix path for i586 cross binariespurpleJoshua Lock
2010-03-19Purple 3.2.1 Releasepurple-3.2.1Richard Purdie
2010-03-18zoom2.conf : switch to using the TI integration tree for kernelGraeme Gregory : add kernel from TI zoom2 integration treeGraeme Gregory
2010-03-18handbook: Correction, we're building QEMU x86 not QEMU Arm imageJoshua Lock
2010-03-18handbook: update references of stable version numberJoshua Lock
2010-03-18handbook: Various tweaks for recent fop/pdf generationRichard Purdie
2010-03-18poky-doc-tools: Update to work with fop >= 0.95Richard Purdie
2010-03-17scripts/runqemu: Fix some typosJoshua Lock
2010-03-17poky-eabi: Set missing PREFERRED_VERSION of binutils-cross-canadianEnric Balletbo i Serra
2010-03-05gcc: Fix fail to compile since they can't find limits.h include.Enric Balletbo i Serra
2010-03-05gcc: Make sure target_* variables are set, fixing gcc search path issuesRichard Purdie
2010-03-05fakeroot: Stop setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH as it breaks things (see patch descrip...Richard Purdie
2010-03-05gcc-cross-canadian: Fix include paths and hence c++ compiler issuesRichard Purdie
2010-03-05bitbake/ Fix error where update-rc.d would not get added to the...Richard Purdie
2009-12-14insane.bbclass: Skip arch check for Cross Canadianpurple-3.2Joshua Lock
2009-12-11local.conf: Fix cross canadian variable, it's SDKMACHINE not SDK_ARCHJoshua Lock
2009-12-11local.conf: mention the Canadian Cross variable; SDK_ARCHJoshua Lock
2009-12-11local.conf: use qemux86 as default targetJoshua Lock
2009-12-11handbook: point people at purple in the introductionJoshua Lock
2009-12-11poky.conf: change version for release of purple-3.2Joshua Lock
2009-12-11qemugl-nativesdk: Add a nativesdk packageJoshua Lock
2009-12-10udev: Add local.rules for the IGEP v2 to symlink the first framebuffer to /de...Enric Balletbo i Serra
2009-12-09qemugl: remove staging function, no need to stage anything at allJoshua Lock
2009-12-08leadpad/pcmanfm/puzzles: Make libowl optionalRichard Purdie
2009-12-08tasks: Fix missing quoteRichard Purdie Update dates revisionRichard Purdie
2009-12-08pimlico: Clean up libowl handling to be consistentRichard Purdie
2009-12-08libowl: Remove stale comments and enable packagingRichard Purdie
2009-12-03bitbake: Fix dict changing size problemsRichard Purdie
2009-12-03poky-init-build-env: Remove now unneeded returnRichard Purdie
2009-12-03distro/poky: Set EXTRAOPKGCONFIGRichard Purdie
2009-12-03Add poky-feed-config-opkg (based off moblin version)Richard Purdie
2009-12-03scripts/poky-qemu-internal: Make sure qemuarm cursor is visibleRichard Purdie
2009-12-03libxcalibrate: Fix with xcbRichard Purdie
2009-12-03pointercal: Update qemuarm calibration files after recent qemu changes to wac...Richard Purdie
2009-12-03udev-141: Backport fix from 145 which is also needed hereRichard Purdie
2009-12-03qemu: Update to 0.10.6 and add fix wacom emulation issuesRichard Purdie
2009-12-03udev: Fix touchscreen link creation with latest versionRichard Purdie
2009-11-20package.bbclass: Fix runtime_maping_rename so version information isn't removedRichard Purdie
2009-11-20sato: move pam from meta-moblin to metaNicolas Dechesne
2009-11-20sato: move policykit from meta-moblin to metNicolas Dechesne
2009-11-13dbus: Disable X for -native versions, also explicitly disable libauditRichard Purdie
2009-11-13dbus: Improve fix deamon install patch to use automake magic to avoid install...Richard Purdie
2009-11-12dbus-native: Apply install fix patch to ensure the version of dbus-daemon in ...Richard Purdie
2009-11-12bitbake.conf: Drop SHELLCMDS quoting fixing menuconfig taskRichard Purdie
2009-11-12linux-igep2: Fix audio capture, the capture result is always silenceEnric Balletbo i Serra
2009-11-12igep0020b.conf: Fix missing u-boot entrypointEnric Balletbo i Serra
2009-11-12poky-init-build-env: Update for BASH 4 Bourne Shell semanticsJoe MacDonald
2009-11-12m4: Apply config_links patch to non-native version as well (from Esben Haaben...Richard Purdie