AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-09build-appliance-image: Update to krogoth head revisionyocto-2.1.2krogoth-15.0.2Richard Purdie
2016-11-09poky: Update distro version to 2.1.2Richard Purdie
2016-11-08meta-linux-yocto: update 4.4 to 4.4.26Armin Kuster
2016-11-08meta-linux-yocto: update to 4.1.33Armin Kuster
2016-11-08bitbake: fetch: copy files with -HEnrico Scholz
2016-11-08bitbake: bb.event: fix infinite loop on print_ui_queueAníbal Limón
2016-11-08bitbake: event: prevent unclosed file warning in print_ui_queueJoshua Lock
2016-11-08bitbake: output errors and warnings to stderrEd Bartosh
2016-11-08perf: adapt to Makefile.configBruce Ashfield
2016-11-08perf: Fix to obey LD failureSujith Haridasan
2016-11-08perf: Fix to obey LD failure on qemux86-64Christopher Larson
2016-11-08This is a backport from master of 2 consecutive fixes.Jussi Kukkonen Add disabling eDP error to x86_common whitelistCalifornia Sullivan
2016-11-08oeqa/parselogs: Don't use cwd for file transfersRichard Purdie Ignore Skylake graphics firmware load errors on genericx86-64California Sullivan
2016-11-08parselogs: Ignore uvesafb timeoutsRichard Purdie
2016-11-08parselogs: Ignore amb_nb warning messages under qemux86*Richard Purdie Add dmi and ioremap errors to ignore list for core2California Sullivan Add amd_nb error to x86_common whitelistCalifornia Sullivan
2016-11-08linux-yocto/4.1: fix CVE-2016-5195 (dirtycow)Bruce Ashfield
2016-11-08linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.26Bruce Ashfield
2016-11-08linux-yocto/4.4/4.8: kernel config warning cleanupsBruce Ashfield
2016-11-08linux-yocto/4.1/4.4: remove innappropriate standard/base patchesBruce Ashfield
2016-11-08linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.22Bruce Ashfield
2016-11-08linux-yocto/4.1: update to 4.1.33Bruce Ashfield Add CPP support for x86-64-x32 tuneJuro Bystricky add CPP support for mips64-n32 tuneJuro Bystricky Fix broken symlinks for multilib SDKJuro Bystricky
2016-11-08bash: Security fix CVE-2016-0634Sona Sarmadi
2016-11-08dropbear: fix multiple CVEsSona Sarmadi
2016-11-08rpm: prevent race in tempdir creationMarkus Lehtonen
2016-11-08binutils: Fix gas error with cfi_section inconsistenciesKhem Raj
2016-11-08devtool: Use the wildcard flag in update_recipe_patchOla x Nilsson
2016-11-08devtool: build_image: Fix recipe filterOla x Nilsson
2016-11-08classes/externalsrc: re-run do_configure when configure files changePaul Eggleton
2016-11-08devtool: add: fix error message when only specifying a recipe namePaul Eggleton
2016-11-08oe-selftest: recipetool: add tests for git URL manglingPaul Eggleton
2016-11-08recipetool: create: fix greedy regex that broke support for github tarballsPaul Eggleton
2016-11-08lib/oe/recipeutils: fix patch_recipe*() with empty inputPaul Eggleton
2016-11-08recipetool: create: fix handling of github URLsPaul Eggleton
2016-11-08devtool: reset: allow reset to work if the recipe file has been deletedPaul Eggleton
2016-11-08devtool: update-recipe: fix --initial-rev optionPaul Eggleton
2016-11-08bind: fix two CVEsZheng Ruoqin
2016-11-08archiver: fix gcc-source handlingSaul Wold
2016-11-08glibc: fix CVE-2016-1234, CVE-2016-3075, CVE-2016-5417Pascal Bach
2016-10-13bsp-guide: Updated the yocto-bsp create selections in the example.Scott Rifenbark
2016-10-13yocto-project-qs: Fixed Minnow MAX build exampleScott Rifenbark
2016-10-13yocto-project-qs: Altered MinnowBoard MAX exampleScott Rifenbark
2016-10-11bsp-guide: Fixed the yocto-bsp create example outputScott Rifenbark
2016-10-06binutils: fix AR issue when opkg is unpacking IPKs containing empty entriesChristophe Chapuis