AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-04-19build-appliance-image: Update to krogoth head revisionyocto-2.1krogoth-15.0.0Richard Purdie
2016-04-19syslinux.bbclass: Remove APPEND from variable dependencyOtavio Salvador
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster-tests: tests for build dashboardElliot Smith
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster: add modal to select custom image for editingElliot Smith
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster: add build dashboard buttons to edit/create custom imagesElliot Smith
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster-tests: make helper click on input before entering textElliot Smith
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster-tests: add tests for new custom image pageElliot Smith
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster: prevent exception when Project.release is nullElliot Smith
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster: only prevent duplicate custom image names within a projectElliot Smith
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster: disable/enable "Add layer" button according to input's contentElliot Smith
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster: fix sorting after hiding a column in build tablesElliot Smith
2016-04-19bitbake: toaster: ensure ToasterTable headings are reset when order by changesMichael Wood
2016-04-19image.bbclass: The wrong name is being used for the debug filesystemMark Hatle
2016-04-19image_types: Ensure rootfs dependencies cover DEBUGFSRichard Purdie
2016-04-19syslinux.bbclass: The AUTO_SYSLINUXMENU value needs to be booleanOtavio Salvador
2016-04-19perf: pass DESTDIR in EXTRA_OEMAKERoss Burton
2016-04-19buildtools-tarball: set INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPSRobert Yang
2016-04-19xf86-video-omapfb: remove EXTRA_OECONF_armv7aRobert Yang
2016-04-19base.bbclass: Introduce PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS variableMartin Jansa
2016-04-19git: update to 2.7.4Alexander Kanavin
2016-04-19license.bbclass: do write_deploy_manifest in image postprocessingMarkus Lehtonen
2016-04-19devtool: sdk-update: fix handling of UNINATIVE_CHECKSUM changesPaul Eggleton
2016-04-19bitbake: main: fix processing of BBEVENTLOGEd Bartosh
2016-04-18toasterconf.json: Update for krogoth releaseBelen Barros Pena
2016-04-18toasterconf.json: Remove fido from supported configurationsBelen Barros Pena
2016-04-18toasterconf.json: Update for krogoth releaseBelen Barros Pena
2016-04-18toasterconf.json: Remove fido from supported configurationsBelen Barros Pena
2016-04-18poky-tiny.conf: set PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto-tiny to 4.4Robert Yang
2016-04-18dev-manual, profile-manual, ref-manual: Purging Oprofile stuffScott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Added description for the testsdk.bbclass.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Updated the remove-libtool.bbclass description.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Added gobject-introspection.bbclass description.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Added reference for npm.bbclass.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Fixed typo in the nopackages.bbclass descriptionScott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Added description for bash-completion.bbclassScott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Added nopackages.bbclass description. Fixed stray typo.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Added description for the INSTALL_TIMEZONE_FILE variable.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Updated the PREFERRED_PROVIDER variable with a note.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Dropped references to the autotools_stage classScott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual, dev-manual: Scrubbed boot-directdisk and bootimg classesScott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Updated the uninative.bbclass description.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18documentation: Converted "meta-yocto" to "meta-poky"Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18bsp-guide: Updated yocto-bsp create example output.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Added the migration section for 2.1Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18yocto-project-qs, ref-manual: Upgraded minimum Git requirementScott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Added rootfs-postcommands class description.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18ref-manual: Updated the EXTRA_OEMAKE variable description.Scott Rifenbark
2016-04-18dev-manual: Updated "Additional Implementation Details" sectionScott Rifenbark
2016-04-18bitbake: lib/bb/utils: add docstring for contains()Ross Burton
2016-04-18ca-certificates: support ToyboxPatrick Ohly