AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-03ruby: fix CVE-2020-25613gatesgarth-nextChee Yang Lee
2020-11-03bluez5: fix CVE-2020-27153Chee Yang Lee
2020-11-03gst-validate: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0-python: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0-omx: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0-vaapi: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0-libav: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0: Update 1.16.2 -> Update 1.16.3Jose Quaresma
2020-11-03gstreamer1.0: Fix reproducibility issue around libcapJose Quaresma
2020-10-30scripts/buildhistory_analysis: Avoid tracebacks from file comparision codeRichard Purdie
2020-10-30deb: replace deprecated apt force-yes argumentRichard Leitner
2020-10-30netbase: Add whitespace to purge bogus hash equivalence from autobuilderRichard Purdie
2020-10-30netbase: update SRC_URI to reflect new file nameSteve Sakoman
2020-10-30init-ifupdown: Merge all interface files for differnet qemusKhem Raj
2020-10-30init-ifupdown: Define interfaces file for riscv emulatorsKhem Raj
2020-10-30sstatesig: Log timestamps for hashequiv in reprodubile builds for do_packageRichard Purdie
2020-10-30webkitgtk: Disable gold linker and JIT on riscvKhem Raj
2020-10-30bitbake.conf: Exclude ${CCACHE_DIR} from pseudo databaseMingli Yu
2020-10-30grub: fix several CVEs in grub 2.04Yongxin Liu
2020-10-30README: "yocto-project-qs" -> "brief-yoctoprojectqs"Robert P. J. Day
2020-10-30ref-manual/ref-variables: "PACKAGE_FEEDS_ARCHS" -> "PACKAGE_FEED_ARCHS"Robert P. J. Day
2020-10-30dev-manual: Add a note about prelink changing prebuild binariesRichard Purdie
2020-10-30ref-manual: add migration info about MLPREFIX changesPaul Eggleton
2020-10-30ref-manual: add migration info for image-artifact-namesPaul Eggleton
2020-10-30ref-manual: add IMAGE_LINK_NAMEPaul Eggleton
2020-10-30ref-manual/faq: Add entry for why binaries are changed in imagesRichard Purdie
2020-10-30ref-manual: add migration section for 3.2Paul Eggleton
2020-10-30ref-manual: add IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX variablePaul Eggleton
2020-10-30ref-manual: add IMAGE_VERSION_SUFFIX variablePaul Eggleton
2020-10-30ref-manual: add PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHSPaul Eggleton
2020-10-30ref-manual: QA check updatesPaul Eggleton
2020-10-30ref-manual: fix for features_check class changePaul Eggleton
2020-10-30ref-manual: add reference anchors for each QA checkPaul Eggleton
2020-10-27dev-manual/dev-manual-common-tasks: fix typos and use extlinksNicolas Dechesne
2020-10-27docs: kernel-dev-faq: update outdated RDEPENDS_kernel-baseQuentin Schulz
2020-10-27docs: kernel-dev-common: add .patch file extension to SRC_URI filesQuentin Schulz
2020-10-27docs: kernel-dev: fix typos, highlights and linksQuentin Schulz
2020-10-26build-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionyocto-3.2gatesgarth-24.0.0Richard Purdie
2020-10-26sphinx: add 3.1.3 and 3.0.4 release in the switcherNicolas Dechesne
2020-10-26bitbake: main: Handle cooker daemon startup errorStacy Gaikovaia
2020-10-26packagegroup-core-tools-profile: Remove lttng-tools and perf for rv32/glibcKhem Raj
2020-10-26glib-2.0: fix parsing of slim encoded tzdataRoss Burton
2020-10-26valgrind: Fix build on musl after drd fixesRichard Purdie
2020-10-26valgrind: drd: fix pthread intercept test failuresStacy Gaikovaia
2020-10-26Revert "classes/buildhistory: also save recipe info for native recipes"Richard Purdie