AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-18glibc: Security fix CVE-2015-7547Joshua Lock
2016-02-16kernel.bbclass: do not mv/link sources when externalsrc enabledMarkus Lehtonen
2016-02-16libpcre: Security fixes and package update.Armin Kuster
2016-02-16tzdata: remove 2015d versionMartin Jansa
2016-02-16rpmresolve.c: Fix unfreed pointers that keep DB openedMariano Lopez
2016-02-07dpkg: Security fix CVE-2015-0860Armin Kuster
2016-02-07bind: Security fix CVE-2015-8704Armin Kuster
2016-02-07libxml2: Security fix CVE-2015-8710Armin Kuster
2016-02-07libxml2: Security fix CVE-2015-8241Armin Kuster
2016-02-07tzdata: reinstate changes reverted in 2014c upgradePaul Eggleton
2016-02-07tzdata: update to 2016aArmin Kuster
2016-02-07tzcode: update to 2016aArmin Kuster
2016-02-07qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-7295Armin Kuster
2016-02-07qemu: Security fix CVE-2016-1568Armin Kuster
2016-02-07qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-8345Armin Kuster
2016-02-07qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-7512Armin Kuster
2016-02-07qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-7504Armin Kuster
2016-02-07qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-8504Armin Kuster
2016-02-07subversion: fix CVE-2015-3187Wenzong Fan
2016-02-07subversion: fix CVE-2015-3184Wenzong Fan
2016-02-07openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-0701Armin Kuster
2016-02-07openssl: Security fix CVE-2015-3197Armin Kuster
2016-02-07glibc: CVE-2015-8776Armin Kuster
2016-02-07glibc: CVE-2015-9761Armin Kuster
2016-02-07glibc: CVE-2015-8779Armin Kuster
2016-02-07glibc: CVE-2015-8777Armin Kuster
2016-01-20openssh: CVE-2016-077xArmin Kuster
2016-01-20logrotate: do not move binary logrotate to /usr/binHongxu Jia
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-5312Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-8242Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7500Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7499Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7497Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7498Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-8035Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7942Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-8317Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7941Armin Kuster
2016-01-20libxml2: remove files for easier maintenanceJoshua Lock
2016-01-20openssl: fix for CVE-2015-3195Armin Kuster
2016-01-20openssl: fix for CVE-2015-3194Armin Kuster
2016-01-20openssl: fix for CVE-2015-3193Armin Kuster
2016-01-20texinfo: don't create dependency on INHERIT variableMartin Jansa
2016-01-15grub2: Fix CVE-2015-8370Belal, Awais
2016-01-15openssl: fix SRC_URIThomas PERROT
2016-01-15bind: CVE-2015-8000Sona Sarmadi
2016-01-15gcc-4.9: backport from gcc trunk r212178Stefan Müller-Klieser Fix ARMPKGSFX_THUMB valueMartin Jansa
2016-01-15allarch: Force TARGET_*FLAGS variable valuesMike Crowe
2016-01-15layer.conf: Add missing dependency for allarch package initramfs-frameworkRichard Purdie