AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-14freetype: Update EXTRA_OECONF to use host gcc.Noor Ahsan add --fix-v4bx to TARGET_LD_KERNEL_ARCH only for armv4 and st...Martin Jansa
2013-02-14libxml2 CVE-2012-2871Li Wang
2013-02-14squashfs: fix CVE-2012-4025yanjun.zhu
2013-02-14license.bbclass: Including locale packagesElizabeth Flanagan
2013-02-14license.bbclass: Avoid grep error messageMark Hatle
2013-02-14license.bbclass: Collect LICENSE level packagesFlanagan, Elizabeth
2013-02-07yocto-bsp: set branches_base for list_property_values()Tom Zanussi
2013-02-07yocto-bsp: prepend includes in machine.scc files with machineTom Zanussi
2013-02-07distro/poky: Add "Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy)" as know distributionOtavio Salvador
2013-02-05yocto-bsp: qualify user files with machine nameBrian A. Lloyd
2013-01-07tools: Updated sed file to process links in mega-manualScott Rifenbark
2013-01-07documentation: Updated the manual history table to February 2013Scott Rifenbark
2013-01-07documentation: Updated manual history tables for 1.3.1 releaseScott Rifenbark
2013-01-07Documentation: ref-manual - Updated LIC_FILES_CHKSUM example.Scott Rifenbark
2013-01-07librsvg: CVE-2011-3146Li Wang
2013-01-07cups CVE-2011-3170Li Wang
2013-01-07cups - CVE-2011-2896Li Wang
2013-01-07cups: CVE-2012-5519Li Wang
2013-01-07libnss-mdns: fix mDNS resolving speedConstantin Musca
2013-01-07Revert "initrdscripts: fix udevd in the live boot init scripts"Ross Burton
2013-01-07bootimg: Use FAT 32 for images larger than 512MBDarren Hart
2012-12-13sato-icon-theme: fix buildAndreas Müller
2012-12-13libc-common: Ensure sysconfdir exists before installing files to itRichard Purdie
2012-12-13pulseaudio: explicitly set --with-database=simpleMario Domenech Goulart
2012-12-13distutils-common-base: Create staticdev pacakge for static librariesStefan Herbrechtsmeier
2012-12-13kernel.bbclass: remove explicit version.h targetBruce Ashfield
2012-12-13kernel-yocto: checkout known branch before leaving do_validate_branchesBruce Ashfield
2012-12-13autogen: use pkg-config directly instead of guile-configRoss Burton
2012-12-13guile: touch compiled modules on sstate installRoss Burton
2012-12-13guile: fix bashism in scriptRoss Burton
2012-12-13rsync doesn't create hardlinks for certain filesAmy Fong
2012-12-13squashfs: fix for CVE-2012-4024yanjun.zhu
2012-12-13libproxy: Fix for CVE-2012-4504yanjun.zhu
2012-12-13pulseaudio: explicitly disable xen, rather than letting it detectGilbert Coville
2012-12-13libcgroup: Use BPN in SRC_URIRichard Purdie
2012-12-13initramfs-framework: udev: Handle alternative binary pathsOtavio Salvador
2012-12-13initrdscripts: fix udevd in the live boot init scriptsRoss Burton
2012-12-13initramfs-framework: init: Stop mount warnings during bootOtavio Salvador
2012-12-13buildhistory.bbclass: Fix hostname print for 'No changes' caseOtavio Salvador
2012-12-13lttng-modules: remove unused lttng-syscalls patchTom Zanussi
2012-12-13lttng-2.0: fix srcrev/pv to match the recipe filenamesChristopher Larson
2012-12-13packagegroup-core-tools-profile: replace 'legacy' lttng with lttng 2.0Tom Zanussi
2012-12-13opkg-utils: bump SRCREV to latestMartin Jansa
2012-12-13pulse: fix Bashism in string testSaul Wold
2012-12-13kmod: fix git repo URLEric Bénard
2012-12-07bitbake: Revert "BBHandler: Ensure parser state engine is correctly reset for...Richard Purdie
2012-12-07bitbake: BBHandler: Ensure parser state engine is correctly reset for new par...Richard Purdie
2012-12-07bitbake: Preserve sigdata files in the stamps directoryRichard Purdie
2012-12-07bitbake: data_smart: Improve get_hash to account for overrides and key expansionRichard Purdie