AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-01build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision2.3_M2Richard Purdie
2017-02-01meta-environment: Clean up the task structure to reduce manifest warningsRichard Purdie
2017-02-01staging: Reduce the number of mkdirs callsRichard Purdie
2017-02-01sstate/staging: Batch log messages for performanceRichard Purdie
2017-01-31xmlto: Don't hardcode the path to tailRichard Purdie
2017-01-31binutils-cross: Remove exec_prefix from the linker search pathRichard Purdie
2017-01-31distro/defaultsetup: Enable removal of libtool .la files by defaultRichard Purdie
2017-01-31relocatable: Make native .pc files relocatableRichard Purdie
2017-01-31utils: Avoid need to relocate wrapper scriptsRichard Purdie
2017-01-31oeqa/core/ Add validation for run-tests optionAníbal Limón
2017-01-31oeqa/runtime/cases: Rename syslog module to oe_syslogAníbal Limón
2017-01-31testimage.bbclass: Fixes about suites and dependenciesMariano Lopez
2017-01-31runtime/cases: Fix case numbers, missing cases and unused classesMariano Lopez
2017-01-31libtasn1: depends on yaccPatrick Ohly
2017-01-31verify-bashisms: support warnings with more than one line of source codePatrick Ohly
2017-01-31populate_sdk_ext: fix == bashismPatrick Ohly
2017-01-31verify-bashisms: check scripts only once, include original file and linePatrick Ohly
2017-01-31verify-bashisms: revise update-rc.d whitelist entryPatrick Ohly
2017-01-31verify-bashisms: fix problems with tinfoil2Patrick Ohly
2017-01-31verify-bashisms: explicitly shut down serverPatrick Ohly
2017-01-31verify-bashisms: point out where to get checkbashisms.plPatrick Ohly
2017-01-31verify-bashisms: fix typoPatrick Ohly
2017-01-31at-spi2-atk: depend on glib-2.0-nativeMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-31wpa-supplicant: inherit pkgconfigMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-31rpm: inherit pkgconfigMarkus Lehtonen
2017-01-31grep: add missing pkgconfig inheritRoss Burton
2017-01-31python: add missing pkgconfig inheritRoss Burton
2017-01-31grub-efi: Deploy grub named efi binariesSaul Wold
2017-01-31core-image-tiny-initramfs: Fix error message shown after a successful initrd ...Alejandro Hernandez
2017-01-31core-image-tiny-initramfs: Add and image creating image artifacts onlyTom Zanussi
2017-01-31cryptodev: Fix changed mm interface in Kernel 4.9Daniel Schultz
2017-01-31ccache: update to 3.3.3Yannick Gicquel
2017-01-31rootfs-postcommands.bbclass: drop insert_feed_uris functionMing Liu
2017-01-31meta: remove remaining True option to getVarFlag callsMing Liu
2017-01-31meta: remove remaining True option to getVar callsMing Liu
2017-01-31runqemu: allow bypassing of network setupJuro Bystricky
2017-01-31testimage.bbclass: Allow to run tests on autobuilder's imagesMariano Lopez
2017-01-31runtime/cases/ Check for IMAGE_PKGTYPE instead of PACKAGE_CLASSESMariano Lopez
2017-01-31runtime/cases/ Stop using oeRuntimeTestMariano Lopez
2017-01-31kmod: Fix handling of quotes in kernel command lineJames Minor
2017-01-31gnutls: avoid accidentally using libseccompJoe Slater
2017-01-31gnutls: account for ARM_EABIJoe Slater
2017-01-31oeqa/sdk: Updates sanity tests for minimal eSDKFrancisco Pedraza
2017-01-31externalsrc: Hide created symlinks with .git/info/excludeOla x Nilsson
2017-01-31sstate: Make SSTATE_SCAN_CMD vars configurable using weak defaults.Kristian Amlie
2017-01-31toolchain-shar-extract: compare SDK and host gcc versionsEd Bartosh
2017-01-31bluez5: make readline support conditional.Ismo Puustinen
2017-01-31libtiff: Security Advisory - libtiff - CVE-2017-5225Li Zhou
2017-01-31xserver-xorg: Enable glamor by defaultSaul Wold
2017-01-31xserver-xf86-config: add glamoreglSaul Wold