AgeCommit message (Expand)Author rename gtk-doc-stub to gtk-doc, reassign to me2.2_M3Alexander Kanavin work around smart race issuesMarkus Lehtonen
2016-09-09oeqa/runtime/smart: Prune feeds to save memoryRichard Purdie
2016-09-09gtk-doc: only depend on native gtk-doc for documentation generationRoss Burton
2016-09-09gtk-doc: use pkg-config-native in native gtk-doc.m4Ross Burton
2016-09-09gstreamer: remove packaged copy of gtk-doc.m4Ross Burton
2016-09-09gobject-introspection: set GI_SCANNER_DISABLE_CACHE for nativeRobert Yang rename gtk-doc-stub to gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09clutter-1.0: do not use the prepackaged clutter.types file when generating gt...Alexander Kanavin
2016-09-09pango: fix gtk-doc build when x11 is not in useAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09util-linux: do not enable gtk-doc and explain whyAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09p11-kit: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09libsoup-2.4: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09libtasn1: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09gnutls: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09harfbuzz: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09cairo: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09libenck3: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09libgudev: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09json-glib: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09gnome-desktop3: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09gdk-pixbuf: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09libuser: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09libidn: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09orc: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09dbus-glib: enable gtk-docAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09webkitgtk: re-enable introspection on powerpcAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09gcr, libsecret, webkitgtk: disable gtk-doc on mips64Alexander Kanavin
2016-09-09gcr: disable gtk-doc on x86_64Alexander Kanavin
2016-09-09gtk+3: disable gtk-doc when x11 is not availableAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09webkitgtk: enable gtk-doc supportAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09gstreamer1.0: enable gtk-doc supportAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09libglade: remove the recipeAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09systemd: drop unused gtkdoc-related variableAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09kmod: do not let gtkdocize failAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09gtk-doc.bbclass: enable building gtk-doc based documentationAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09gtk-doc: add a recipe, remove gtk-doc-stubAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09source-highlight: add a recipeAlexander Kanavin
2016-09-09oeqa: Use snapshot instead of copying the rootfs imageRichard Purdie
2016-09-09scripts/runqemu: Add snapshot supportRichard Purdie
2016-09-09runqemu: Enable virtio RNG for all platformsRichard Purdie
2016-09-09runqemu: Update to modern prefrerred net syntaxRichard Purdie
2016-09-09runqemu: Allow unique network interface MAC addressesRichard Purdie remove runqemu-internalRobert Yang
2016-09-09nativesdk-qemu-helper: fix for new runqemuRobert Yang
2016-09-09runqemu: fix run from testimage with non-standard DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGEJoshua Lock
2016-09-09runqemu: fixes for when invoked during a bitbake runJoshua Lock
2016-09-09runqemu: better handle running on a host with different pathsJoshua Lock
2016-09-09runqemu: assume artefacts are relative to *.qemuboot.confJoshua Lock
2016-09-09runqemu: refactor it and remove machine knowledgeRobert Yang