AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-18image_types.bbclass: Fix tar IMAGE_CMD to not change directories1.6_M3.final1.6_M3Khem Raj
2014-02-18uclibc: Update to git tipKhem Raj
2014-02-18binutils: ld-is-gold should not affect native and crosssdk recipesKhem Raj
2014-02-18icu: Disable the default LDFLAGSICUDT for target compileKhem Raj Check for LDCONFIGDEPEND being empty stringKhem Raj
2014-02-18eglibc: Upgrade from 2.18 -> 2.19Khem Raj
2014-02-18valgrind: Add glibc 2.19 awarenessKhem Raj
2014-02-18Revert "lib/oe/ fix working directory"Richard Purdie
2014-02-17dev-manual: Fixed code block example for ARCHIVER.Scott Rifenbark
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: implement package summary pageDavid Reyna
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: implement recipe summary pageDavid Reyna
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Make popovers mutually exclusiveBelen Barros Pena
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Make popovers scrollableBelen Barros Pena
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Make all targets links to the build dashboardBelen Barros Pena
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Select a radio button by default in Filter DialogRavi Chintakunta
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Fix for task_color tagBelen Barros Pena
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Apply error style to cell linksBelen Barros Pena
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Make "Edit columns" multiselectBelen Barros
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: fix javascript for table filtersAlexandru DAMIAN
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Add clear filter button to filter tooltipsBelen Barros
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Clean up main.jsBelen Barros
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Clean up default.cssBelen Barros
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Implementation of package detail viewsDave Lerner
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Added sorting to other columns in All tasks tableRavi Chintakunta
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Fix builds view filter options to match changes in filter d...Ravi Chintakunta
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Filter Dialog fix to display filter options as radio buttonsRavi Chintakunta
2014-02-17bitbake: toaster: Removed unused 'disabled' css class in Filter dialogRavi Chintakunta
2014-02-17lib/oe/ fix working directoryJonathan Liu
2014-02-17bitbake-prserv-tool: make help text show .conf suffixKoen Kooi
2014-02-17runqemu: add ability to skip using an existing tap deviceScott Garman
2014-02-17openssl: Fix build on uclibcKhem Raj
2014-02-17usbutils: Patch to detect iconv supportKhem Raj
2014-02-17rpm: fix a endian incompatible error in generating tagMing Liu
2014-02-17bitbake: build: fix handling of task override for tasks with underscores in t...Paul Eggleton
2014-02-17bitbake: parse: make vars_from_file return None for non-recipesPaul Eggleton
2014-02-17matchbox-keyboard: daemonize launchAlexandre Belloni
2014-02-17classes/populate_sdk_base: optimise task dependenciesPaul Eggleton
2014-02-17classes/populate_sdk_base: fix race condition with do_rootfsPaul Eggleton
2014-02-17eglibc-locale: add eglibc-gconv to PACKAGES_DYNAMICPaul Eggleton
2014-02-17bitbake.conf: add BBINCLUDED and BB_INVALIDCONF to config hash whitelistPaul Eggleton
2014-02-17recipes: convert remaining SUMMARY/DESCRIPTION cosmetic issuesMatthieu Crapet
2014-02-17wayland: upgrade to 1.4.0Valentin Popa
2014-02-17weston: upgrade to 1.4.0Valentin Popa
2014-02-17package.bbclass: do_split_packages should always return something.Josua Mayer
2014-02-17nspr: Update to 4.10.3Saul Wold
2014-02-17libcheck: Update to 0.9.12Saul Wold
2014-02-17libxkbcommon: Update to 0.3.2Saul Wold
2014-02-17man-pages: Update to 3.56Saul Wold
2014-02-17help2man: Update to 1.44.1Saul Wold
2014-02-17classes/cpan-base: fix signatures changing when perl is in sysrootPaul Eggleton