AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-25rpm: Add base-files as RDEPENDSSaul Wold
2012-09-25libcap: Fix erroneous path in last commitPhil Blundell
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: Update B variableScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/dev-manual/dev-manual-common-tasks.xml: external SCM UpdateScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: added BP variable glossaryScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: New P variable glossaryScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: new PRINC glossary termScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: PF addedScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: Edits to PN suffixScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual: PN scrubScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: re-write SRC_URIScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: Formatting changeScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: Added new option.Scott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: SRC_URI glossary updatedScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/README: updated to include website information.Scott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/adt-manual/adt-prepare.xml: replaced oe-init-build-envScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Minor correctionsScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24documentation: Build example in QS and poky.ent variable addedScott Rifenbark
2012-09-24bitbake: bitbake: Unbuffer stdout for log filesJason Wessel
2012-09-24bitbake:,,, Add support for Lo...Jason Wessel
2012-09-24bitbake: Fix traceback when running goggle uiJason Wessel
2012-09-24bitbake: runqueue: Add --no-setscene to skip all setscene tasksJason Wessel
2012-09-24terminal: Send LogExecTTY event to spawn screenJason Wessel
2012-09-24terminal: pass data store all the way through to terminal classJason Wessel
2012-09-24bitbake: fetch2/git: Add missing mkdirRichard Purdie
2012-09-24bitbake: fetch2: improve error output for checksum failuresPaul Eggleton
2012-09-24bitbake: fetch2: make fetch failure errors more readablePaul Eggleton
2012-09-24bitbake: lib/bb/ fix exceptions with -k and failed targetsPaul Eggleton
2012-09-24bitbake: hob: fix Gtk-WARNINGs due to invalid markup on Back buttonPaul Eggleton
2012-09-24bitbake: hob: remove confirmation dialog on closePaul Eggleton
2012-09-24bitbake: hob: allow configuring default machine using HOB_MACHINEPaul Eggleton
2012-09-24bitbake: hob: don't show error dialog for errors during buildingPaul Eggleton
2012-09-24bitbake: hob: The title of the packages screen depends on the screen you arri...Constantin Musca
2012-09-24Fix Upstream-StatusSaul Wold
2012-09-24binutils-2.22: Disable recent gold backports from 2.22 branchKhem Raj
2012-09-24linux-yocto/meta-yocto/3.4: update machine SRCREVsBruce Ashfield
2012-09-24routerstation: Disable virtual terminal by defaultChen Qi
2012-09-24initscripts/ mount debugfs if presentTom Zanussi
2012-09-24rootfs_ipk: Avoid leaving run-postinsts around if online package management i...Phil Blundell
2012-09-24runqemu: work with tap device names that end with a colonScott Garman
2012-09-24qemu-native: fix build on hosts without libX11 installedMartin Jansa
2012-09-24libcap: respect ${base_sbindir}Phil Blundell
2012-09-24sqlite3: enable USE_PREADPhil Blundell
2012-09-24classes/multilib: prevent multilib extension of nativesdk recipesPaul Eggleton
2012-09-24classes/multilib: ensure MLPREFIX is set for image recipesPaul Eggleton
2012-09-24pulseaudio: Ensure openssl is disabledPhil Blundell
2012-09-24autotools: Remove special handling for autoconf* and automake*Phil Blundell
2012-09-24dbus: Remove hardcoded reference to /usr in System V startup scriptPhil Blundell Don't disable vectorizationKhem Raj
2012-09-24linux-yocto/3.4: Update fri2 and sys940x to emgd-1.14Bruce Ashfield